Revenge 3×21 Review

With Sunday’s episode of Revenge, Impetus, having been the penultimate one, what else should the viewers have expected other than an explosive semi-finale? As always SPOILERS ahead!

At the end of last week’s episode we saw Charlotte being dragged away from the beach by a masked man. This week, the episode began with the revealing of where Charlotte was taken and who had taken her. Of course, it would have been none other than our very own Aidan Mathis. Staged in what could possibly be an old police station which no longer gets used or a warehouse set up as one, Emily has come up with an idea that will, she thinks, ensure that she can finally bring down the Grayson’s. By showing her the truth about flight 197, Charlotte was to be the key, but not exactly how Emily had planned.

When Emily sends Conrad a box with what he thinks is Charlotte’s ear in it, he is forced to call a press conference that night to admit to the world the truth about flight 197. Of course, Conrad being the major snake that he is, he devises a speech which he can believably convince a court was made under duress. We never get to hear this speech though and Conrad throws his foot in his mouth without even knowing it.

Meanwhile, Victoria is busy checking DNA on Charlotte and Carl where she manages to find the answers she is looking for. If only she’d known to check earlier than this. Quite frankly I’m sure we’ll see more of this in the finale but for this episode I’m  sure there were hundreds of people glad to see Charlotte kidnapped and tied up. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with Charlotte but it was nice to see her being used instead of having the perfect privileged nippy girl act going on.


When Charlotte starts to have a panic attack, Emily leaves to go to the store just after Jack shows up demanding to know what’s going on. Thanks to Javier he’s managed to track Nolan’s phone (you’d kind of think that if you were going off to do something dodgy that the computer techy guy would be the first to turn off his phone so it can’t be tracked). While in Manhattan, Emily meets a cop who asks her to go down to the station to have a conversation about Pascal’s death. Daniel has dobbed her in and, if it weren’t for Nolan who went home, she’d have been arrested right there and then for leaving her partial fingerprint on the wire she gave to Pascal.

With Jack left at the warehouse bit to make sure the plan goes ahead, he gets soft and lets Charlotte go. He takes her back to the beach, puts a jacket on her and gives her a knife to free herself. Walking back into Grayson manor only minutes before Conrad’s press release was due to air and confronting him about what Emily, a.k.a her “captor”, was showing her about the truth about flight 197. What neither of them know is that the argument that ensues will be broadcast live on TV in the slot that was meant to be filled with the press release.

With Conrad now in jail, Emily reveals herself to him as the one who has orchestrated the whole act. He eggs her on when she basically tells him Victoria is next, clearly he wants his ex-wife to go down if he is. We’ll just see how the finale plays out, rumours are someone dies and Emily Van Camp, the actress who portrays Emily Thorne, had been crying over the death of someone close to her character a little while ago in filming.

Great episode this week, 8/10.

Enjoy your Tuesday  nights folks!



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