Revenge Finale and Law and Order SVU Review

After last week’s episode of Law and Order SVU, Reasonable Doubt, I was rather disappointed and don’t have much to say about it therefore I left it until I could review the Revenge finale, Execution. SPOILERS FOLLOW!

Last Wednesday’s episode of Law and Order SVU, Reasonable Doubt, I felt was rather a let down on the streak the show had going of good/great episodes. It followed the case of a TV producer’s daughter whose paediatrician alerts the mother to the fact that her daughter may be getting sexually abused. It’s a long twisted tale of one of the ex-wife’s, Catherine, sisters being involved with the husband, Frank, and a lot of he said, she said issues. Then, when the other sister, Mavis, gets involved and claims, on national TV, that the husband had abused her when she was younger and he was still married to Catherine, Frank flees the country to France and refuses to return. Eventually he’s found guilty by a jury, though that was most likely because he fled the country which made him look more guilty. Honestly, I feel like the evidence was very patchy and it was a difficult case with too many personal issues involved. 4/10.

Sunday’s episode of Revenge saw Emily get the results she’d been hoping for from day 1. She took down the Graysons. Well, Victoria anyway. Meanwhile, Conrad was being broken out of jail by a security guard who appeared to the rest of the jail to hate him. When the judge at Conrad’s hearing announces that he is reopening the David Clarke case, there is celebration between Ems, Nolan, Jack and Aiden. After Jack gave Emily the ring he found in the cabin last week, she decides to go to the cabin when Nolan tells her that it was definitely the one that her grandfather built. On arrival at the cabin, Emily is attacked by someone who she believes was working for Victoria in attempts to get a DNA sample from her. She returns to trying to get more information out of her old psychiatrist, Dr Michele, by sending Aidan to try and trick it out of her. The tea she gives him, is spiked and when she leaves the room to get the files he wants, Victoria comes in and smothers him with a cushion. Surprisingly, this was one death that didn’t particularly bother me. I was kind of like “Are they killing off Aidan? Hmm, okay then”. I didn’t have an issue with him but I still think Emily belongs with Jack. Victoria and Emily’s confrontation in the cemetery resulted in Victoria being knocked out with the shovel Em was using to dig up Amanda’s grave as part of her plan to set up and have Victoria committed, like Emily’s mother was, for obsessive behaviour which would also be seen as paranoia. As the episode ended, Conrad is seen walking down the middle of the road after being broken out of prison and a van pulls up behind him. When a black hoodie-clad man steps out, we discover that David Clarke is alive (Say what!?) and he stabs Conrad in the stomach before driving off, leaving him in the middle of the road to die. Prefer this finale to the other 2 in some respects and in others, the other 2 are better. Still a 9/10 episode though.

That’s all for today folks! Enjoy your Tuesday evenings.



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