Short Announcement & Law and Order SVU Review

Guys, I’ve decided that this blog has turned into more of a TV review blog than anything else. I want to cut this right back so I can focus more on beauty and fashion reviews and also random life posts when I get the inspiration to write them. Therefore, as of next I’ll be posting about TV once a week and it will consist of a simple rating next to the title of the show and episode followed by a quick highlight section of parts I really liked. So, without further ado, I shall start the Law and Order SVU review for the last time in this format. As per usual, SPOILERS ahead.

Wednesday’s episode of Law and Order SVU, Thought Criminal, saw the team tackle an extremely difficult-to-prosecute case. It was obviously a difficult case from the first moment we got to view the online operation they had going on. It opened with them using a cop to lure online predators and perverts to basically incriminate themselves without knowing it. When the hook one in NY they arrest him and he gives them the screenname name of someone else, Simon Wilkes, who he says has even worse fantasies than himself.

The team go undercover, after getting Barba’s permission, to an art exhibition of Simon’s with Amanda Rollins playing the wife to Lieutenant Murphy. Murphy starts to question Wilkes about his other, more controversial, works of art involving young boys and how he can get a piece of it. The conversation rapidly escalates to talking about buying a boy that nobody would miss and treating him the way he’d seen it done online, until the boy died.

Murphy gets Fin involved acting as someone who can actually get them a boy that nobody would miss. Wilkes shows them his self-built torture chamber and this sparks a complete forensic investigation of the place. (Anyone else wonder how they managed to get a warrant to search with absolutely minimal, if any, evidence?) Amaro and Barba find a window hidden in the wall which overlooks a school playground which matched something that the team had found he’d written online. CSU find some photos behind a false wall and Simon is arrested and in arraignment court a $5million cash bail is set.

The squad get in all the children involved in open child molestation cases to come in and place Wilkes in a line up. None of the children can identify WIlkes. When it turns out that the only DNA found in the torture chamber is Wilkes’, the case becomes even more difficult to deal with. Dr George Huang makes his return to evaluate Simon and reports back to Murphy, Barba and Benson that because he hasn’t sought psychiatric help for his fantasies they have gotten progressively more graphic and he’s scared it will progress further.

Simon’s son and ex-wife, Paula, are drawn into the picture when Paula finally agrees to talk to them. She’d made a deal with Simon to keep quiet about what she knew of his fantasies if he promised to never see his son, Bobby, again and to stay away from schools. Paula and Bobby are brought into the courtroom while Simon is on the stand and he bgins to cry saying that he’d never touch his own son. The jury find Simon not guilty on all counts and he is free to go.

Amaro has been dealing with the fact that his ex-wife, Maria, and daughter are back in town and has been having to decide whether or not he should move out to LA with them since Maria’s been offered a job. After the trial, Maria tells him that she’s made her mind up, she’s going and she’s taking his daughter with him. Amaro gets really annoyed saying if she wants him to fight this then he will. At the end of the episode, WIlkes is back outside the school ground taking photos of the kids and Amaro tells him to put the camera away. When he tries to take a picture of Amaro, he snaps and starts beating him up until he is pulled off of Wilkes by 2 officers and arrested.

Overall, despite the lack of evidence, it was a pretty good episode, better than last week’s. 8/10. This week’s episode is the finale, looks interesting and I can’t wait.

Have a great Tuesday folks!



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