Law and Order SVU Finale Review

Sorry for the late review but it’s finally here now guys. Enjoy and, as always, spoilers ahead!

Wednesday May 21st episode of Law and Order SVU Spring Awakening was the final episode of the season and saw the team tackle the case of a German tourist who gets scammed and raped when he goes looking for a “lady friend” on Craigslist. When the woman turns up, things get hot fast and then a thug bursts into the room, robs the tourist and rapes him. Lieutenant Murphy goes in under cover and acts as an Irish tourist to lure the perp out. He responds to the same ad on Craigslist and when the woman, Ellie, turns up he tries to stall her until the perp, Little Tino, bursts in. He’s arrested and later let out on bail with the condition that he must wear an ankle tracking bracelet.

At the very start of the episode, baby boy Doe is being placed back into the custody of ACS while Benson looks on and then requests to see him. Later on, we find out that Ellie is his mum and the little boy’s name is Noah. Ellie tries to get clean so she can regain custody of Noah and is placed in a half way house until the trial. The night before she is due to testify, she skips out and apparently goes looking for a hit. The team get a call to let them know and they track Tino’s ankle bracelet to a freight yard where they find Ellie’s body burned and uncover that she was also gang raped first.

A lot of the episode focused on Nick’s arrest starting with the final scenes of Thought Criminal where Amaro beats up Simon Wilkes. Munch makes a special return to post Amaro’s bail and to give him a little speech which basically ended up summing up what the entire show was about to begin with. Amanda seems very invested in freeing Nick and even goes as far as to blackmail Wilkes’ wife into convincing Simon to drop the charges (I’ve honestly not seen her this invested since her sister was in trouble).

For the final scene, the episode returned to the family court courtroom to deal with Noah again. This time, the judge offers Benson the opportunity to take Noah home for a period of 1 year at which point she’ll be able to apply to adopt him. Finally a happy ending. Not to mention, Olivia is now Acting CO again since Murphy has been called out for another undercover job.

Also, Mariska’s husband, Peter Hermann, was in this episode too, playing the lawyer Trevor Langan who represents Ellie and then Noah pro bono. I always enjoy seeing these 2 working together, there was even a really good scene where Langan was asking Benson if she was ok after the Lewis thing.

9/10. Rally glad they didn’t leave us with a massive cliffhanger which would have had us all holding our breath til next season.

have a great Thursday everybody!!



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