Maybelline Baby Lips

Being an absolute lip balm addict I’ve always wanted to own one of the Maybelline Baby Lips that were released primarily, if not exclusively, in Asia. Naturally, when I saw that we’d started selling them in work I scooped up one of each of the ones we had in stock.
Baby lips 1Baby lips 3Baby lips 2Smoothing Cherry                   Mango Pie                                                      Cherry Velvet

I absolutely love all 3 of these lip balms. They all smell gorgeous and even the 2 cherry ones smell slightly different. The Smoothing Cherry and Mango Pie ones are a lot more moisturising than the Cherry Velvet one but I still love these.

No matter where I went online looking for these there were constantly people saying not to buy them because they were fakes based on the fact that the lids are coloured instead of clear like the original Baby Lips collection. This is not true. They are real Baby Lips products and were almost exclusively released in Asia. I believe some of these are actually now sold in the US and Canada but were originally released in Asia. These are also different in the way they twist up. With the original Baby Lips, the entire tube had to be twisted while with these ones, only the very bottom is twisted.

Either way, love all these Baby Lips products and they are probably the most moisturising lip balms I have ever owned. 9/10.

Have a good weekend folks!







4 thoughts on “Maybelline Baby Lips

    1. Actually I live in the UK so yeah they are haha. I’m not sure where else sells them but if you’ve got a B&M near you just pop in and pick some up, I think they are only £1.99 🙂

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