The Past Week in TV, 15/6/14

No doubt there’ll still be SPOILERS in this post so here’s you’re warning. Turn back now to avoid the SPOILERS from these great TV shows!

Game of Thrones The Watchers On the Wall – 7/10

Pretty Little Liars EscApe from New York – 9/10

Highlights – Though the majority of the hour long episode of GoT was basically a massive fight sequence, the highlights would have to be the giant running at the inner gate while the men recite their vows to the Nights Watch and somehow it ends up defeated as we find out in the last few scenes. Gilly and Sam’s kiss (long time coming, no?) and Ygritte being shot by the boy who runs the lift who suddenly becomes super brave instead of cowering away from the action. Also a highlight for me, since I haven’t read the books and had no idea, the realisation that the Grand Maester is actually a Targaryen and I had no idea that Daenerys was not the only living Targaryen. Also, for anyone else who doesn’t know, I had no idea that Prince Oberyn’s sister Elia had married one of Daenerys’ brothers. Seems like that’s the generation that is breaking away from the whole marrying a family member thing.

New idea, New York set episode. Best parts would probably be the scene where the girls are sitting in the waiting room at the hospital after seeing black hoodie (I’ve now given up calling every black hoodie clad person A) and then the scene where the girls are ambushed by all the black hoodies. Also, who put Mona in charge of some sort of A-like operation involving, of all people, Paige?! I mean what’s going on there? Another good scene I would say was where Aria turned up at the Fitzgerald Theatre and had that scuffle with Shauna, which resulted in her death, after Ezra told her that Shauna was the one who was on the roof. Are we ever going to find out who A really is or is A actually just this massive collection of people with something against Ali or the girls?

Basically, a pretty good week. Slow, but good. After this week I’ll only have PLL to review since the GoT finale is airing tonight in the US and, also, it’s the only one I watch that has such an early premiere date. Most everything else I watch has a fall premiere date but oh well, at least I can “review” more shows that I never had the time to post about with the old layout. Let me know what you guys think of this layout in the comments, I know I like this layout but do y’all think that maybe there’s a way to improve it?

Have a good Sunday night folks!



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