Music Addiction

Who doesn’t love music? No matter how you’re feeling there’s always a song or an album out there that can make you feel better. Maybe you can relate to the artist if you know about them. Sometimes it’s just the words of a song. Then you get those artists who are immediately relatable in person and in their music. Or at least you feel like they are.

I’m a music addict and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love music. Whether classical, pop, rock, R&B, metal or any other genre. What really makes a music addict though? I can’t say I’m all that into this new, more modern music, especially when you look at some of the videos for them and it may as well be a sex advert encouraging guys to take advantage of certain situations with women (Blurred Lines rings a bell!) because, apparently, sex sells better than any other advertising tactic. Honestly, my entire iTunes and CD (yes I still own CDs and cassette tapes) collection consists of a range of genres going back as far as the 1970s or 80s, 10-20 years before my generation. However, hardly any of the music in my collections contain much from the 2010s.

So what makes older music better? Not that long ago I heard that an article had been written about this very subject yet after hours of searching for it, still no luck. If I remember rightly though, it was something to do with the tempo or beat of the music back then being more engaging than the “techno” stuff of this era. Still there remain some artists though who know how to make good music. Even in these days, where computers are now just as smart as humans and technology is improving and adapting faster than those bullet trains in Asia, you can still stumble across a couple of gems that maybe you’ve never listened to before.

Currently stuck on replay:

Have a great day guys!



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