Past Week in TV, 22/06/13

It’s been a pretty good week in TV for me this week. As always though, SPOILERS are coming!

Game of Thrones – The Children – 9/10

Pretty Little Liars – Whirly Girly – 8/10

Game of Thrones episode The Children was completely different from the past 3 season finales. Focusing, as you’d expect, on the journeys of, mainly, the Stark children. We saw Brienne finally find Arya which invoked a failry matched sword fight with The Hound. Arya managed to make it to the sea on her own and hitch a ride on a boat using the special coin she was given by the faceless man seasons ago to travel North. Jon had gone to see Mance Ryder to negotiate and ends up caught in the middle of a Stannis infiltration of the camp. Back at Castle Black, the bodies of the dead are burned and Jon takes Ygritte’s body to the north side of the Wall and burns her corpse separately. Further north, Bran Stark and his party are close to finding the 3-eyed raven and end up being attacked by wights before following a child into the safety of the tree where they find a strange old man who admits to be the one they were looking for. We didn’t see Sansa this episode but we did see Jaime and Cersei rekindle their incestuous relationship. Tryion is helped to escape by Jaime and kills Shae and Tywin. Finally, not sure when we’ll get to see Daenerys’ dragons again. After another citizen of Meereen brings another burned corpse to Daenerys’ throne room, she realises she can no longer control them and, since Drogon is currently missing, she leads Rhaegal and Viserion to the catacombs and locks them in chains.

Pretty Little Liars episode Whirly Girly focused on the girls readjusting to life in Rosewood and having to deal with still living with secrets. Alison receives another text from an unknown number when she’s starting to think she’s safe and back in her own house. Mona owns up to having sent that eventually. Aria remains haunted by the death of Shauna while Spencer is wrapped up in getting caught up with Toby. Alison adopts a dog that her mother was planning on adopting and, right at the end of the episode, the dog uncovers Mrs D’s body. A lot of small things also happened in this episode, like Jason’s reappearance, but, for now, these are the highlighting points of it.

Enjoy your Monday y’all



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