Pretty Little Liars Reviews

Apologies for not having posted about the past 2 episodes, thought they’d posted as scheduled but apparently not. It seems I’d somehow set them to post in 2015 (idiot or what?!) Anyways, here’s my reviews for the past 2 episodes and this week’s episode.

5×03 Surfing the Aftershocks – 7/10
5×04 Thrown from the Ride – 8/10
5×05 Miss Me x 100 – 9/10

Surfing the Aftershocks was a pretty good episode. First off was the funeral, which had its fair share of uncomfortable moments, not to mention Alison’s choice of clothing prior to the funeral. I’ve come to find over the past 4 years that Mona has many sides and faces. This episode let us see Creepy Mona yet again. The scene where she brings over a card for Ezra and asks Aria to sign it? Creepiness begins. Later on, when the girls are having lunch, she stands at the top of the stairs looking over them. Major creep factor. Also, last major highlight of the episode, Hanna’s flashback to Mona changing her and her subsequent conversation with her about it was enjoying and interesting. Very interesting.

Thrown from the Ride was yet another extremely interesting episode. The old book swapping scene at the school was a good scene. What I’d like to know is where Shana’s book came from. Lucas’ decision to attempt to get Mona to call off her team was uneducated to say the least. He of all people should have known that asking Mona to do something like that is extremely ridiculous and clearly shows he wasn’t really using his mind. Things in the Hastings household are getting ridiculously intense thanks to some greatly timed theories about Peter possibly having been involved in Mrs D’s death. Aria can’t let what happened in New York go and Alison has to go to get a medical exam done which can’t be put off any more. The doctor finds a scar on her leg that Alison gets very nervous talking about and keeps saying it happened when she jumped out of a car to escape, except we all know there never was a car involved.

Miss Me x 100 was possibly the most important of all 3 episodes. Jenna comes back into town. Aria and Ezra rekindle their relationship as do Alison and Emily. That new girl who Emily is helping who’s just made the swim team appears to be working either for or with Mona and Jenna. Caleb was also back in town which led to Hanna drinking way too much. Alison made her first appearance back in school and then that night was ambushed by Mona in the church after having been followed by a car from her house. Veronica Hastings goes to the school that day and takes Spencer home so they can move out before Peter gets home. Veronica is leaving him. Paige and Alison have a pretty short conversation in Emily’s bedroom. The girls and everyone in Rosewood finally discover who’s buried in Ali’s grave. Her name is Bethany Young, an escaped Radley patient who had escaped the night that Ali was, as the police chief put it, allegedly kidnapped. Just as the police chief is finishing up with the press conference, there’s an explosion that breaks the window in the house and everyone heads outside to see the Cavanaugh house on flames and debris lying on the floor. Toby rushes off to the house and in the final scene we yet again came close to seeing someone else wearing a black hoodie as they half turned toward the camera.

Purely because Pretty Little Liars is the only show I am reviewing right now I may just leave posting the reviews for 2 or 3 weeks so I’m not writing a really short post for one episode

Hope you’re enjoying this glorious Wednesday!



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