Best Dark Circle Solution EVER!

Who currently owns the best solution for dark circles ever created? That’s right, eye do! (Awful pun I know). With products that claim they help reduce the look of dark circles I am always, always, always extremely sceptical because everything I’ve tried in the past just doesn’t work. Well, get ready to say goodbye to tired looking eyes and hello to bright undereyes! This solution has 2 parts but that’s only because I can’t say for definite that only 1 product caused this because I’ve been using them both religiously every day since I purchased them.


The first product is yet another buy from e.l.f. I was tired of having only face cream and nothing moisturising wise for my eyes so I thought I’d try a roll on and I needed to spend about £2 more to get free shipping on e.l.f. The Eye Refresh is a clear moisturising water-based liquid with pomegranate, rosemary, green tea, cucumber and grape extracts. It dries really quickly and still leaves your undereye area feeling moisturised. The product also doesn’t go sticky or tacky making it easy to apply makeup only a couple of minutes after applying this. At £3.95 it’s cheap enough and even though it claims to reduce puffiness and dark circles I’m not all that convinced that it does. I started using this about 3 days before the 2nd one and I didn’t notice any difference at all. Still would recommend it though if you want something moisturising for your eye area and don’t want anything too thick and heavy.


On to the second part, the Balance cosmetics Snake Venom Eye Cream. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “snake venom?! really??” but honestly it’s not actual snake venom. I promise. What it actually contains is Syn-Ake which is a neuropeptide similar to snake venom. Don’t worry, you’re not putting anything potentially lethal onto your face. This product claims to relax tired eyes, moisturise and illuminate and minimise the appearance of dark circles and bags. I’d been walking past this product in work for months and months completely adamant that it wouldn’t work even though it claimed to. On a whim I bought it just because it was only £1.99 and I’m so glad I did! Not only has it actually done what it claimed to do, I can actually walk out of the house or go to work without any makeup on without people making comments about how tired I look. So folks, if your undereye circles and bags are giving you grief don’t hesitate for a moment! I bought my tube of Balance Snake Venom Eye Cream in B&M for £1.99 but I also noticed while out today that they also sell this in Savers, the new name of a few select Superdrug stores, for I think the same price. If you can, get yourself out and buy it! You won’t regret it. It also couldn’t hurt to try the e.l.f. Eye Refresh too at only £3.95.

Just a quick note, I have been using this combination of products first thing in the morning after I’ve washed and got dressed and last thing at night right before bed. The Balance Snake Venom Eye Cream promises to give a 65% reduction in the appearance of dark circles in 4 weeks and I haven’t even been using it that long yet! Believe me, if this is a problem area for you then you seriously need this.

Hope everyone’s having a fantastic Tuesday!



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