Best Body Scrubs

Ok, how creepy is the thumbnail from my last post? Yeah, let’s move on and away from that. Today’s post is all about the 3 best body scrubs that I have used.

First up, the Body Shop sugar body scrubs.
body shop

These are great scrubs for everyday since they’re sugar based scrubs. They’re pretty gentle but these smell good enough to eat which is a bonus. At £13 a tub I’d say they’re in the middle of the price range and I do love these but I don’t know that I’d continuously buy them. They are amazing, except for the slight greasy residue left on your skin when you wash it off, but for how gentle they are I’d rather not spend more than £10 a tub. I must say though, the sales you get at Body Shop are pretty good and if you have an app like vouchercloud there’s always an offer available either online or instore. I’m tempted to try out the gel and cream versions of these scrubs though.

Next we have the Kedem Cosmetics Salt Scrub.


Funny story about this, I actually bought it for my mum for Christmas but she literally goes away on holiday at least twice a year and she’s scared that using a scrub will help her lose the tan faster so now I’ve been using it. Anyway, first thing’s first, I’m not sure how many of you will have heard about Kedem cosmetics because, as far as I know, they don’t actually have a specific store. They seem to just pop up in those vacant stalls you find in shopping centres or malls. Now you’re probably thinking that this is just another one of “those” companies with the massively hard sell and aggressive advertising but they’re really not. Admittedly, the guy tried to sell this to me for £70 and I’ve just found on the website it retails for £54.99 a tub. Confession time: I didn’t pay anywhere near either of these prices! The best thing about the companies that fill all the little stalls is that the companies that hire them usually have their staff working on commission which also means there’s room to haggle. Confession #2: this was my first time ever haggling. Drum roll please….. £30. That’s all I paid for this pot of wonders.

Believe me when I say the way they tell you about the product and get you to try it out makes you think that it’s going to be too good to be true. Actually though, this wasn’t. With Dead Sea salts in this scrub I found my skin genuinely was the softest it’s ever been in years. When you first open it there’s a mass of oil sitting on top but I just mixed that all together. It’s definitely the harshest scrub I’ve used in terms of the size of the salt particles but you honestly only need a quarter of a teaspoon, yes a teaspoon, to do one arm. The only thing I found with this is that when you wash it off it sort of leaves a greasy residue on your skin. More so than the Body Shop ones. However, at £54.99 a tub I’ll definitely not be repurchasing, especially since the only stall I’ve ever seen is now not there anymore.

Finally, the Soap and Glory Scrub of your Life


I’d been wanting to try this for ages so when I received it in the Yule Monty box I got for my birthday last week I was like “Yup, I’m going to need that, pronto.” It’s in between the other 2 in terms of harshness. It’s not so gentle you can use it everyday but it’s not so harsh that you can only use it once or twice a week, like the Kedem one. This one has what I believe are tiny pink microbeads in it. They certainly look like microbeads anyway but they probably aren’t, they’re a little too big for microbeads. So, really, I have absolutely no clue what they’re called. Anyway, this was the only scrub I’ve ever used that didn’t leave me feeling really greasy after I’d washed it off. At only £7 a bottle I’ll be more than happy to repurchase this as soon as it has run out. That is if I don’t end up deciding I need to try all the other Soap and Glory scrubs first.

Hope everyone’s having a great Friday! TGIF!!



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