Commonwealth Controversy

Since I live in Scotland but identify as British I feel this has to be said. People are getting ridiculously intense over these Commonwealth Games and it’s over the small stuff that shouldn’t matter too. Why can’t people just accept that these are games? I mean, it’s gone so far now that, only 6 days in, I’ve been very tempted to unfriend several people from my Facebook because they’ve gone as far as to make themselves sound extremely racist even though they really aren’t racist people!

It started out with small things about England and how they didn’t get the most open of welcomes to the Games at the opening ceremony. Then it’s just very quickly escalated to the point that now apparently, according to Malaysian politicians, scottie dogs are offensive to Muslims and a jihad has apparently been proposed before to be put in place against dogs! Can we just all calm down for chrissake?! I’m the first one to say I don’t care what religion someone is or what is considered normal for that religion so long as the people who follow it are happy following it but I feel like this may be taking the biscuit a little too much. I don’t understand why the Muslim religion views dogs as unclean but we probably wouldn’t have had this problem on quite as big a scale as this if the dog involved hadn’t been so damn stubborn and hadn’t ended up having to be carried by the team representative.

Can we just talk about this whole England/Scotland fighting please? I feel like the Scottish are purposefully trying to damage the English. This is the point in the conversation at which the independence referendum comes in. Firstly, there’s no reason to treat English people like they’re something you’ve stepped on just because they are also involved in these Games. Yes, there are a lot of people in England who don’t think Scotland will nor should become independent and don’t want to lose Scotland as part of the UK but how can anyone justify the way they’re treating the English? Since this whole independence thing started up I’ve actually had 3 or 4 people come up to me at work then look at me like I’m some talking animal when they hear my accent. I’ve had people ask where I was from and then had that same person trip me over in work and say “ha look, the English b**** can’t even f***ing walk!” 2 minutes after I’d told him that I was born and raised in Scotland but everyone else in my family is from England and he’d stormed off.

The thing about that spectator who was escorted off the grounds for having a Yes Scotland flag in the crowd is not ridiculous and, in fact, is complete common sense. The Games are meant to be about all these countries getting together for a little friendly competition and all politics are supposed to be left out of the Games. Having a Yes or No flag quite simply brings up politics and since politics aren’t meant to come into play it should have come as absolutely no surprise when that spectator was removed by police. Instead though, people were furious and saw it as some sort of unpatriotic act to Scotland to have removed that woman for airing her views while people wearing the Union Jack sat next to her. Honestly, it isn’t unpatriotic at all, it’s just the police and event managers, not the BBC despite what some people believe, trying to ensure that no politics are involved so no conflicts arise between countries or people who have different views. It’s all about peacekeeping and until we see absolute proof I refuse to believe the BBC would be so uncouth as to call the police themselves to remove this person. Also, apparently the BBC purposefully cut off the end of a bowls game where Scotland won gold to begin showing an England prelim hockey match. Given the fact I was watching this game at the time I’ll say this, they did not cut the game off completely in favour of showing an England hockey match. Had anyone who had Sky or Freeview, which is most of the damn country, bothered their butt to hit the red button they would have found that actually that game was still being shown on another channel accessed via the red button! So no, the BBC did not biasedly choose an England match over a Scottish one. Issue sorted!

It just angers me that, despite the fact these Games are not meant to be political in any way, shape or form, people still think it’s ok to take every single little thing that happens personally and treat everything as though it is politically motivated. Take a breath of fresh air people and please realise that the people in charge of these games are only doing their jobs and not trying to rile you up or attack you for being Scottish. If you’re proud to be Scottish then be proud and use some common sense instead of seeing everything as an attack on your country. No matter what nationality you are or what nationality you identify as, own it and be proud to be that nationality. Don’t let people bring you down for being who you are. Chances are they most likely don’t understand you and probably have something else going on in their lives if they’re personally taking it upon themselves to bring you down for who you are.

Anyway, hope everyone’s having a fab Tuesday!



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