Pretty Little Liars Reviews

Episodes of Pretty Little Liars are starting to get slightly more interesting. I think there’s only 4 more episodes left until they break again before it comes back for a Christmas episode and then the spring half of the season.

15/7/2014 Run Ali Run – 8/10

22/7/2014 Silence of E. Lamb – 8.5/10

29/7/2014 Scream for Me – 8.5/10

Run Ali Run picked  up right at the end of the last episode, right after Toby’s house had been blown up. Caleb was yet again telling Hanna she needed to go to the cops about A and Spencer went to Radley to talk to Eddie Lamb.A link comes up between Bethany Young, the girl in Ali’s grave, and Radley so Aria volunteers to work there to see what else she can uncover. Ali turns up at Hanna’s house that night and tells her she wants to leave again. Hanna is more than happy to start packing a bag for Ali and getting her some money while she nips home. Alison was attacked in her own house when she was home alone and Emily ran in during it before going over to Hanna’s and falling out with her because she knew Ali was leaving and Han was helping her. Aria and Ezra spent some time looking through his old files trying to find a link between Bethany and Mrs D when Lieutenant Tanner knocks on the door and starts asking Ezra questions. She also hands him an envelope, containing a drawing of Mrs D, which she says was left on his doormat. When they watched the tape back from Ezra’s hallway camera they see Eddie Lamb dropping it off. Emily finally convinced Paige to spill the beans on who’s in Mona’s army and got Lucas and Melissa’s names from her.

Silence of E. Lamb Emily’s mom asks Em to invite Ali and the others to dinner just completely out of the blue in a most un-Pam way. They eventually agree and when it’s just Em and Ali left standing together in the toilets Ali asks if she’ll walk her home because she’s still scared after last week’s attack. After going on about wearing a scarf to hide the bruises and her hoping nobody notices, that new swimming girl Sydney randomly walks out of one of the stalls and tells her it’s a nice scarf. Sydney starts telling Emily about the rat in Paige’s locker and she immediately suspects Mona. In Radley, Aria has taken the drawing from last week and one of the patients, Big Rhonda, calls her a thief. Ezra and Spencer meet up to go clue searching and Spence asks to borrow one of his cameras to keep an eye on Melissa. Emily, Hanna and Ali are the only 3 at dinner with Pam and Hanna’s hitting the bottle again. After getting kicked out of dinner she goes down to the Brew and Sydney starts fishing for information when she susses out that Hanna is drunk. Aria manages to escape from under Rhonda’s bed and is caught leaving extremely late by Eddie who then calls Ezra. Pam pulls Em aside after dinner and after listening to Ali playing her part and tells her she and the police cannot believe Ali’s story about being kidnapped because there’s too many holes. The camera that Spencer borrowed captures Ali skulking around the Hastings barn dressed all in black, guess she’s hiding more than the girls know.

Scream for Me began with Ali being asked about Shauna by Lieutenant Tanner in full view of the other girls at school before they found A’s present for Ali in her bag. Hanna seemed completely out of it like she’d been drinking that morning or the night before, not surprising considering a can of lager even fell out of her bag when she opened up her locker. Aria’s mom is back in town and asked Aria to be maid of honour. Emily went to the locker room and has a conversation with Sydney that sounds like she’s trying to suss her out. Haleb appears to be back on, with Caleb calling Hanna “baby” when he picked up the phone and Hanna not staying for dinner so she can go and see Caleb but she ends up getting hit on by Zach, Ella’s fiance. Ali’s staying with Hanna for a while since her dad’s going out of town after spinning her tale yet again to Ashley, who actually believes it. Spencer shows Toby the drawing that Bethany made. Toby has enrolled at the Police Academy so he can get inside information hopefully. Aria finds out Eddie’s left Radley with no way to contact him left behind before going to return Big Rhonda’s notebook and Rhonda walks in on her. Rhonda starts giving Aria info on Bethany, for a cost, and she finds out that Mrs D was coming and signing Bethany out and giving her expensive gifts, including a horse. Spence and Emily went to the stables Mrs D took Bethany and ended up nearly being kicked to death while Ali paid Noel Kahn to break into Hanna’s house just so someone would stop questioning what happened to her.

Hope everyone’s having a terrific Friday!



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