Really Quick Review

Hey folks, this is just going to be a 5 minute review post, need to head out but I realised you guys haven’t seen a post from me for the past few days.


This, as you can probably tell, is the e.l.f. Daily Brush Cleaner. It comes in a little 30ml spray bottle and I really like this just for quickly cleaning mainly my eye makeup brushes. It doesn’t smell great, mostly like alcohol, but I just spritz about 3 pumps of this onto my brushes, give them a good swirl around on a piece of kitchen roll, just because it doesn’t rip easily and end up wrecking the brushes, then I’m ready to go and use a different colour. Extremely handy for being in uni because I don’t take all my makeup and brushes up with me, just 2 eyeshadow brushes and my face and blush brushes. Anyway, 7/10, smell knocked it down a bit but it’s a good affordable brush cleaner at only £3.95 a bottle.

Hope everyone’s having a not so manic Monday!



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