Nintendo 2DS Review

Anyone remember my post from way back at Christmas about what I got for Christmas? No? I’m not surprised, it was ages ago! Anyways, I think I’ve finally managed to find time to review it.


In the past 8 months I’ve managed to at least start all 4 of these games. Anyone else here a Pokémon child? Yeah, best gaming serious ever! Closely followed by Professor Layton. In terms of battery life it’s not amazing. Takes about 2 and a half hours to fully charge then when you’re playing with the wifi turned on it only lasts about the same amount of time. You can get about 3-3 and a half hours out of it without the wifi on. Screen size I think is about the same as what the DS lite was, only comparison I can make, but definitely smaller than the DSi XL. I definitely prefer having the analog like stick on the left. It kind of reminds me of a flat version of the one from old Gamecube controllers. Overall, I’d say the system is pretty good but, if anything, I’d have preferred it if the battery life was a bit better. Still, 7/10 is a fair score.

On to the games. Pokémon X, completely addicting! Officially finished the game clocking in only 23 hours of gameplay. I’m now just trying to fill up the rest of my Pokedex before Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are released in November (who else is excited??) As usual, graphics have been majorly improved since the Black and White games, not played Black and White 2 yet though. 9/10.

Confession here, I’m an absolute sucker for some Puzzler. Much better than the 2012 version and I prefer the minigames in this one too. Not much else to say really, 8/10.

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, 5th one in the series, was awesome, yet another one I finished with under 24 hours of gameplay clocked. I kind of got annoyed when it was first released because they only released it in 3D so about a year later when I saw the 2DS being released I was just like “I’m gonna need that!” Anyways, not sure where I stand with the whole new format. I feel like the format for moving around and searching was far far better in the first 4 games but I do like the fact they made the characters 3D. Honestly, if the game had been in normal 2D it would have gotten a far better rating from me. 6/10.

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies I’ve only just started playing so I can’t really pass judgement on it yet. So far, the story seems to be better than in Miracle Mask but the format is still really annoying me. If I had to give a rating, despite only having 2 hours of gameplay time clocked on it, I’d have to say 7/10. Again it’s the format for moving around and searching that’s letting it down.

Hope everyone’s having a thrilling Thursday!



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    1. That’s a pretty good idea but it’s something I personally don’t do just because I don’t think you can easily remove and replace these batteries and I don’t want it to overcharge/burnout or whatever it is that happens to batteries when you charge them over and over all the time haha

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