PLL Reviews

With this week’s episode being the last one for season 5A before the Christmas episode, I thought I’d just leave reviewing all 4 of the recent episodes until now. Got to say, I’m liking how they’re starting off every episode where the previous one finished now.

5×09 March of Crimes – 7/10
5×10 A Dark Ali – 8/10
5×11 No One Here Can Love or Understand Me – 8/10
5×12 Taking This One To the Grave – 8/10

March of Crimes began with the girls confronting Ali in Hanna’s room about hiring Noel Kahn to break into the house. Aria and Ella were being interrogated by Lieutenant Tanner (I really wish she’d leave) and Em’s been offered the Assistant Coach job. Spencer visited Caleb about Hanna’s drinking problem and Jenna’s reappearance was well timed, right in the middle of a Hanna/Ali conversation. Sidney’s friendship with Jenna was blown out of the water when they were spotted by Emily and Spencer at the ophthalmologists and when Sidney turned up outside Emily’s house to explain herself Emily flew off the handle. I’m still confused as to whether or not Haleb is back on or not while Aria tells Ella what Hanna said. It turns out Zach’s already made that mistake before they got back to Rosewood. Meanwhile, Caleb confronts Zach and Spencer goes up to the cabin at the lake where she runs into Noel. He managed to explain away the pictures and recording Em found in his car as insurance. Hanna and Aria start to patch things up right after the wedding gets called off and right at the end of the episode, Tanner called Ashley Marin to bring in Alison because they’d apparently arrested the person who broke in to the Marin house, who is actually someone we’ve never seen. Who else loved that sweet and rare moment between Byron and Ella at the end too?

A Dark Ali begins with Tanner and Mr DiLaurentis talking about the man who they arrested in last week’s episode, Cyrus Petrillo. Ali tells her dad she’s not sure if he was the one who “kidnapped” her and the girls begin to believe that this guy is A or at least is connected to A since he knows all of Ali’s story. Ali’s dad tried to convince her to ID Cyrus halfway through Emily trying to convince her not to. Hanna started to clean up her act and is trying to clean up Caleb’s act too while Spencer’s “spot” for hiding the insurance policy that Noel had has been ransacked and the recording that Ali gave all the girls, which was originally hidden there, is now missing. Soon enough, we find out that some guy went to see Melissa the day before Cyrus confessed and she’d passed him something, the recording maybe? Spencer considers coming clean to the cops so they can try and beat A but Aria is scared they’ll link anything they say to the theatre and Shauna while Hanna attends a solo chorus audition. Mona is attending too and ends up passing out from a panic attack just as she’s about to go into the other room with Hanna for the actual audition. Aria went to see Ezra about what’s happening with Ali whilst Alison tells Emily that she actually knows Cyrus and a little more of the 2 years she was missing is uncovered. Mona is back in A mode when Hanna finds her in a car, watching the police station as we see Alison getting into Tanner’s car. Another Hastings sister confrontation after Spencer finds out Melissa was looking for flights all the way to Taiwan. Melissa admitted that she was working with Mona but won’t tell Spence what she did and tries to convince her to run away with her. Alison was taken to the basement where she was “kept” and admits that she remembers the basement, effectively identifying Cyrus. Mona and Hanna overhear Tanner on the radio telling the station not to release Cyrus but, by the time Tanner gets back, he has gone. Meanwhile, Aria opens up to Ella about her and Ezra and with the “I love you”‘s being thrown around again, it seems like it’s official and Haleb is back on. It seems Ali had a deal with Cyrus, as we find out at the end of the episode when they meet up and she gives him plane tickets.

No One Here Can Love or Understand Me saw the girls on their way to the police station to fess up, intending to leave Ali to deal with it on her own. A was quick off the mark to stop them though. Caleb was back on the alcohol and claiming that he was only using it because he couldn’t sleep while Mona and Mike were apparently having a study session. Emily went to talk to Ezra about Cyrus and Ezra agreed to try and find out what he could about Cyrus. Byron and Aria agreed to keep an eye on the Mona and Mike situation. Emily and Paige finally decided to meet up and talk and Melissa has been taken to the airport by her dad. Hanna kept having bad thoughts pop into her head, Tanner reassured the girls she’d catch Cyrus & asked about Bethany while Spencer and Toby spoke about Caleb’s drinking but Toby doesn’t think it’s the problem, he thinks something happened in Ravenswood. Melissa sent Spence a package from Philly with a video of her inside, explaining everything. How she’d seen Spencer with the shovel the night Ali went missing and how she’d pushed Bethany into the hole and covered her up. Toby failed to get Caleb to open up and Ezra took what he’d found about Cyrus back to Emily. Mona had gone with the Montgomery family to see an old movie and ended up crying in the bathroom after Aria whispered something to her. Apparently, Mona does actually know some of what happened in New York. Tanner appears back at the Montgomery household to talk with Byron, telling him that Aria is of interest to their investigation and that one of the girls wants to talk, while Hanna confronted Caleb after he’d walked out on Toby. Caleb finally opened up to Hanna about what happened in Ravenswood and Spencer showed the rest of the girls Melissa’s video.

Taking This One to the Grave, also dubbed the #fatalfinAle, I will not review in any great detail as you simply must watch it, I also don’t want to give anything away incase someone hasn’t seen it yet. Mona helped the girls out this week, Ali volunteered to take a lie detector test and all the girls including Mona start to accept that Alison is sociopathic and could be A. This whole episode focuses around Thanksgiving time. Paige and Emily get back together and Mona and Spencer went back into Radley to see if they could find out what the cops knew about Bethany. However, the final 5-10 minutes are what caused this episode to be dupped a fatal finale.

Hope everyone’s having a terrific Friday!



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