Original Tangle Teezer

Again, another review of something I received for Christmas. This time it’s the Original Tangle Teezer.


Ok, so the photo makes it a little bit difficult to see, but the bristles are synthetic and are basically the same as the bristles you’d find on your average paddle brush except they don’t have the silly balls on the tips that your hair always gets tangled in. I now use this every day instead of a regular brush. I think it was originally designed for hairdressers and is now used in several hair salons up and down the UK. I also think it was mainly designed for use on wet hair but I find it works equally well on dry hair too.

Not only do I find myself needing to brush my hair fewer times every day, I actually find that there’s almost no hair left in this once you’ve finished using it. It would probably take about a week or 2 for it to fill up the way my old paddle brush would after a use or 2. I clean it out every 2 or 3 days whereas with my old brush I needed to clean it out every day.

A good investment and though at £10.99 in Boots some people may think it’s expensive for a hair brush I still strongly believe this will change your hair care routine for good. This one fits in your hand and I suppose you could throw it in your handbag but it may be a little big. You can also buy more compact ones which come with a cap to cover the bristles and protect them from becoming damaged in your bag. These ones are £12.49 and come in packaging like so:

tangle teezer

Another one also exists for children, the Flowerpot, and retails at £13.49 in Boots, and a fourth called the Aqua Splash which is £13.99. I think the products may be slightly cheaper on the Tangle Teezer website so here’s the link if you want to have a look. Overall, I’d rate the original one that I have 8/10. Wish it was slightly smaller to fit in a handbag without having to buy another one but it’s still well worth it.

Still on holiday folks, hope everyone’s having a fantastic time no matter where you are or what you’re doing!



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