e.l.f Eye Shadows


The left and top photo are both of the first Eye Enhancing Palette for blue eyes (there’s 2 different ones, this is blue eyes 1). The middle right photo is of and individual Pigment Eyeshadow in the shade Mystic Moss while the bottom picture is of an individual Matte Eyeshadow in the shade Muted Mauve.

The quality of the eyeshadows in the palette are probably just below average, not much fall out but some of them, especially the grey in the centre and the brown on the far, are too chalky for my liking and the entire palette seems to lack pigmentation. Sorry e.l.f but I’m disappointed. The pigment eyeshadow is a very dark yet shimmery khaki like green. I don’t really wear it much because it’s pretty difficult to pair with another colour and it’s not one of those that you can wear all over the lid but I still find I get compliments whenever I manage to wear it. The matte eyeshadow is actually very pigmented and is just what I was looking for in a matte pink eyeshadow (a thing that I found difficult to find in the first place).

The 2 individuals have a lot of fall out from them but that’s pretty common with eyeshadows that aren’t pressed. The palette is £8 and both the pots are £3.95 each but I have just checked and I don’t think they sell the Mystic Moss anymore. I’d probably rate the palette 5/10 because I just felt pretty let down by what I got for the price. Maybe I just got a bad one but I don’t know. The pots I’d probably rate 7/10. If the colour was more wearable in Mystic Moss I’d have been happier but then that’s my fault for choosing that colour. With the Muted Mauve I wish it was more buildable, I mean the pigmentation is good but not great and there reaches a point where the colour won’t build up any more. Not the best purchases I’ve ever made from e.l.f but that’s ok.

Hope everyone’s having a terrific Thursday!



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