Body Shop Shower Gel

Anyone else love when there’s a sale in a shop AND an offer on an app like VoucherCloud? I thought so!


What should we cover first? I think I’ll go with the price since I mentioned it above. So, this is the 750ml bottle, which I’m sure they sell as a Christmas special because I can only find the 250ml and 60ml bottles online. Anyway, this was originally £12.50 I think and was in the sale with 40% off, putting the price to £7.50 and then, on top of that, there was a half off all items including sale items so I only ended up paying £3.75. Bargain!

Moving on, I know I can’t stand it when I buy a product that says it’s a certain scent, like strawberry, and it doesn’t smell anything like the real thing. Body Shop is definitely not a culprit of this for me. I’ve found that most things I’ve bought from there smelled like the real thing had been crammed into the bottle. I know this specific product actually contains strawberry seed oil so big bonus 🙂

The size of the bottle is amazing too and will last months on end, saving you money on buying new shower gels every month or 2. I also find, despite it still having all them “nasty” chemicals in it, I don’t feel like I’m covered in a film after rinsing and getting out of the shower. Definitely worth the buy, especially if you can pick it up around Christmas or, even better, the January sales. 9.8/10.

Hope everyone’s having another fabby Tuesday!



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