What’s in my Beach Bag

After having been on holiday for the past 2 weeks, it’s about time you see what I keep in my beach bag. Any reviews will be posted later.


First thing’s first, you’ve got to have a decent sized beach bag. I just used a large plastic Me To You tote bag my parents bought me a while back. It’s got a nice long strap so it fits easily over your shoulder which is also a plus because it just makes things easier. Moving on, a sarong thing and towel to put on the sunbed, both of those are pretty old now and I actually bought a new towel while I was out there. I added another sarong thing onto the very bottom row too because I take a second one if I want to slightly cover up any parts.

I always carry a brush/comb of some sort and something to put my hair up with. In this case, it was my Tangle Teezer and the thing in the top right which is kind of difficult to explain but it’s kind of like a clip for your hair but it’s not a bulldog clip if that makes sense. You always need something to do on the beach and, for me, that’s reading so I always make sure I have a good book with me. Honestly, they tend to just collect over a couple of months in my bookcase and only end up getting read in the Summer for some reason. Anyways, I took 4 with me so reviews will be following! I also take my camera with me just so I have it with me in case of any good photo ops (it’s in the little case in the middle of the bottom row, let me know if you want to see which one I use and a review of it).

Most importantly you need sunscreen! I manage to burn no matter what SPF I use but I tend to find 50+ is a bit too thick a cream for my liking so I always buy the Soltan SPF30 from Boots (literally 90% of beauty stuff used on this trip was bought in Boots).This year I also decided to buy a small bottle of 50+ so I decided to try out the Soap and Glory one purely because I only got my tattoo about 6-8 weeks before I went and I didn’t want to risk getting that burned. Lastly, the purse because who goes on holiday without money? Also, the little green thing attached to it is a bug bite zapper to relieve itchiness.

Prices people, prices : Beach bag – Gift
Towel/sarongs – Roughly 8 Euros for the sarongs and 12 Euros for the towel, all bought in Greece
Hair clip thing – 4 Euros, bought in Greece
Tangle Teezer – £9.99, sold in most UK stores which stock hair and beauty products
Books – £6.99-£8.99, can be purchased from any book shop, Amazon, etc
Soltan Sunscreen – £8.50 for 200ml bottle, Boots, frequently on 3 for 2 during summer
Soap and Glory Make Yourself Youthful Sunshield Superfluid – £15.00 for 30ml bottle, Boots, frequently included in Soap and Glory 3 for 2 offers
Purse – about £15, Jane Norman
Incognito Zap Ease Bug Bite Zapper – £5.99, Holland and Barrett
ExPro Hard Shell Camera Case – £4.79, Amazon
Nikon Coolpix S6500 Camera (Unseen) – £89.99 on sale, Currys

Hope everyone’s having a fantastic Thursday!



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