Holiday Outfits 2014 Part 1

Hola everybody! I’ve managed to put all my outfits into 3 collage photos, I’ll probably split this post into 3 parts, but they seem to be a bit small so you might have to open them up to get a better look. I’ll just be giving you guys the lowdown on what I’m wearing and the price if I can manage to remember or find it online because I’ve had some of these clothes for a while.

outfits 1

Papaya cream T-Shirt – Matalan £8
Red Herring navy blue Hot-pants – Debenhams £12 on sale
Nails – NYC Expert Last Nail Colour in Pinstripe White – Superdrug £2.50
Lips – Revlon Moisture Stain in Barcelona Nights

Swallow sheer blouse – Next about £22
New Look light blue Hot-Pants – New Look about £18
Watch – DKNY – 18th birthday gift
Nails – e.l.f. Nail Varnish in Cranberry – £2.50

Neon orange pattern blouse – Unknown brand but they sold the same one in Quiz
Red Herring Hot-Pants
Nails – e.l.f Nail Varnish in Cranberry
Hand-drawn wolf necklace – Bow’s Jewellery online store about £8

Dolce and Gabbana design vest with lace back – birthday gift, bought in Greece (not real D&G!)
Full length white jeans – Next, no idea on price, were handed down to me by an aunt who enjoys buying clothes but not trying them on first
Bracelet – Pandora Charm Bracelet and charms – bracelet itself was about £100, charms around £30 each, birthday/christmas presents
Rings – (left hand) bought in Greece 25 Euros, (right hand) Pandora silver braid effect ring with cognac quartz stone £50 now discontinued
Necklaces – Short one is from Greece and was an 18th birthday present, owl pendant – Bow’s Jewellery online store about £12

Hope you’ve all enjoyed the first instalment of this short series. As a note, I believe Bow’s Jewellery is no longer up and running as the young woman who ran it decided to go back to college and making jewellery was something she’d done as a hobby/in her spare time. Not 100% on the details but I think that should be right.

Hope y’all are loving Wednesday!



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