The Past Week in TV 26/9/2014

After spending the majority of my summer catching up on TV series from the start I’ve decided to at least rate everything I’ve watched that week. I’m still only going to review certain shows but there’s no reason I can’t rate other shows and episodes.

Dr Who – Time Heist – 8.5/10
American Dad! – Blagsnarst, A Love Story – 7/10
Law and Order SVU – Girls Disappeared – 9/10
South Park – Go Fund Yourself – 8/10

Amaro, working the streets in a different precinct, drives up on a guy,, being serviced by a 16 year old Mexican girl, Luna, who is a witness in Noah’s mom, Ellie Porter’s murder. The new guy in the SVU squad, “Sonny”, causes quite a stir with his way of not sugar coating what he’s telling Luna and before long he has the address of the house she’s working out of. Amaro steps in without being asked and tips off one of the guys, Haukine, in the house that they’re going to raid it. He seems to have become a bit of a bent cop, but it turns out he was the team’s undercover cop, offering to make a deal with Haukine who manages to get out of being arrested by telling Fin he’s Nick’s friend. Little Tino comes back in to the frame when the team find out he used to work for the same company that’s been driving around these working girls. Amaro meets with Haukine again and gets money from him, tipping him off that Tino has been offered a chance. In the next scene, Little Tino was attacked in prison, and was the only one to survive, one of the girls who was taken from the house when it was raided, Missy, has been murdered in a car while the shooter is also being murdered in his hospital bed. It becomes a mad rush when the team all have to split up to investigate each attack and Olivia phones her babysitter to check on Noah just as a driveby shooting happens at the playground they’re at. When it becomes apparent that Haukine could be the one supplying info from Nick, Liv sends the team out to contact Nick and get him to meet with Haukine again before arresting the 2 of them. Sonny goes along to a set up meet with one of the new girls, Carmen, so the team can meet Tino’s boss’ “bottom”, Celine. After a little while, it’s revealed that the girls are all taken from small towns and taken to a larger Mexican town which is very poor with the exception of 3 mansions. Of the 3 owners of the mansions, Angel Perez, the owner of the car service Quickride, is the only one in New York. The taskforce on the ground in Mexico gets the team the number of kids in Angel’s house as a way to get a hook on him by getting Celine to flip on Angel. When the team go to arrest Angel he manages to break away and pull his gun, aiming it at Liv, just before Fin shoots him.

Hope everyone’s having a rightfully great Friday!



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