The Past Week in TV 03/10/2014

Dr Who – The Caretaker – 7/10
Revenge – Renaissance – 9/10
Law and Order SVU – American Disgrace – 8/10
South Park – Gluten Free Ebola – 8/10

The Revenge season 4 premiere was, by far, the best one yet. Basics: Emily’s bought the old Grayson Manor, Daniel is on a downward spiral, Victoria’s still in the mental institute, Charlotte is still going after Jack because she still thinks he was the one who kidnapped her last season and Jack is now a cop, somehow. This season is starting to look a lot brighter than the past 3 seasons where most episodes were pretty dark. Lots to see, definite recommendation.

American Disgrace was another “ripped from the headlines” story, this time based on the Ray Rice headline with a little bit of the Jay-Z, Solange incident thrown in to the mix. Originally, one woman, Carla, loses it in the elevator with Shakir Wilkins, the basketball player, before being dragged away screaming that he raped her and he won’t get away with it. Afterwards, a video of the incident is already online and 2 more girls, Macie-Lynn and Tiana, also come forward and claim that Shakir raped them. In a twist of events it turns out Tiana was paid to say that Shakir raped her when she starts demanding the money she thinks she’s entitled to. Later on, Orion Bauer, the man who’s just renewed Shakir’s contract with his company, admits to paying the girls. His daughter, Claudia, it then turns out is/was pregnant with Shakir’s baby but tells him, when he’s cleared of all charges, that she had an abortion after the 3rd girl came forward.

See y’all same time next week!



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