Summer Book Quick Reviews

I’m such a big fan of having a physical book in my hands and yet, unless it’s some form of uni or work textbook or other publication, I never feel like I have the chance to read very much. Basically, this results in me going to town on my bookcase every summer, especially if I’m going away somewhere and won’t have anything else to do.

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First up, J.K. Rowling’s Casual Vacancy. This one I actually didn’t finish but I am about half way through it and I’ll just say this about it. It’s one of those books where I have to keep looking at the front to check the author’s name because, while it feels like J.K. book, there are times where I don’t believe it since I’m only used to her Harry Potter franchise which is completely different.

Next, The Devil Wears Prada, was one I really wanted to read. It was one of those slightly rarer occasions where you see the film first and decide you want to read afterwards. While I’m glad I did read this I still prefer the film. Sure, there were parts in the book that could have easily been in the film but just weren’t. There was one scene where Emily and Andrea were sorting and wrapping Christmas presents to send out to people from Miranda and I think that really should have been in the film. There were also scenes that I’m glad weren’t in the film too. At one point in the book, the racks of clothes ready for a photoshoot are all lining the corridors and the staff are raking through holding them up to themselves and saying how fat they would look in it while getting Andrea to tell them they aren’t fat. Bottom line, still prefer the film but some aspects of the book that were missing from it, and I think should have been in there, made for slight deviations in the story which I think are pretty awesome. 7/10.

The sequel, Revenge Wears Prada, I was pretty disappointed with. I thought it would make for a good sequel but I really don’t think it was due the hype it got when it was released. I expected more of a continuation of the storyline and while there was a element of this, I felt like there was a lot of jumping back in time to events happening in between this book and Devil, a 10 year timeframe, and it didn’t really focus on the story. Saying that, if they were to change parts in the book and make it in to a film I admit I probably would at least watch it to see where they take it. 4/10.

Blind Fury, a crime book, was probably only slightly better than average. It was one of those novels where, if you’ve read enough of the same genre, you can pretty much guess what’s going to happen and know “whodunit” about 3 or 4 chapters in. Saying that, this doesn’t bother me because I really like reading the whole book and seeing where the author’s taken it. Another major issue, which only annoyed me because I get kind of OCD about these things, is that the amount of typos in the book was ridiculous. In places the wrong word was used or punctuation was either missing or in completely the wrong place, not to mention the number of words that were spelled wrong. OK, fair enough, the author may be dyslexic or something but doesn’t the publisher have people who are meant to go through manuscripts and remedy any typos before typing it up again and sending it to the printers? Anyway, the story, like I said was about average and the only thing I really, really enjoyed is that the author had, rather obviously, used the movie Silence of the Lambs as inspiration and had incorporated some hints of that into the book. 6/10.

Hope everyone’s having a fantastic Wednesday!



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