This Week’s TV 10/10/2014

Doctor Who – Kill The Moon – 5/10
Revenge – Disclosure – 8/10
Law and Order SVU – Producer’s Backend – 8.5/10
South Park – The Cissy – 7/10

This week on Revenge… after Margeaux’s conversation with Daniel Grayson last week, they both band together to try and get her brother, Giddeon, removed from her late father’s company by the board. Meanwhile, David Clarke came back and explained all to Victoria while Emily told Charlotte everything too. A very big week of revelations between characters.

Producer’s Backend began with the celebrity, Tensley Evans, being arrested for crashing into someone else’s car while DUI and fleeing the scene of the crime. As the story goes on, we learn that her and several other young actresses were made to have sexual contact with a producer, Adam Brubank, while under the age of consent. Just when there appears to be no hope of arresting him, since all the incidents were more than 10 years ago, the team find on recorded casting “audition” which gives them a way in. Possibly the only time I’ve ever seen Olivia want to get the Feds involved Oh, I may have forgotten to mention, Amaro’s back! Only thing is Fin was missing. Think Ice may have been doing a Bodycount Tour show at the time this was shot though.

Have a fantastic Friday folks!



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