What I’ve Learned in the Past 3 Weeks

Alright folks, a little random life post coming your way because I feel like I haven’t written one in ages. It’s officially the end of my 3rd week back in uni and, therefore, my first week in a flat share that isn’t halls and there’s a few things I’ve learned in this time.

Number 1 – Always, no matter what, always keep your own dishes clean. Ok, so I technically left all the dishes I bought last year at home so I’m using what was left here by my flatmate’s ex-flatmate. Anyways, I know not everyone is the same but let’s be honest, who really wants to eat out of a bowl that’s been left sitting next to the sink looking cleaned for 2 days? Not me. I like to know it’s actually been washed. One of my flatmates takes cooking dinner to the next level. A chicken dinner probably could take up 3-4 pots/pans minimum. Well, he has to use almost all the pots and pans he can get his hands on and then leave them next to the sink where he’ll get his girlfriend to wash them the next day before they get left to “air-dry” for another 2 or 3 days. It’s been 3 weeks and just last week there were literally no dishes left in the cupboard because they all either needed cleaned or were air-dying.

No. 2 – Forget about anything and anyone else for a while and just look after yourself. It’s strange how we put so much significance on the little things, like washing the dishes, and we overlook ourselves. Strange and yet human nature. It’s human nature that makes us all do what we do in the way that we do. Just take some time for yourself. Don’t be up studying or doing whatever else concerning other people until 2am (kind of feel a bit hypocritical since it’s 2am now). I’ve spent the past 3 weeks staying up until 2am but I’m not focusing on anything but myself after 11 o’clock. It sounds selfish but that’s what has to happen. We as humans, put too much significance on what other people are doing, thinking, feeling and yet we neglect to check in on ourselves. Take just 20 minutes at the end of your day to look back over what you’ve done for the day. Check in on how you’re feeling at that moment and how you felt during the day. Make sure to look after yourself before anything else. Uni or work might seem like it comes first, and in some respects it does, but you are the only person that 100% knows you and therefore you are the only one that can make the decision to neglect yourself 24/7 and care about others or give yourself some attention every day. I’m not saying to completely ignore people and to not care but try caring about yourself too, it’ll do a world of wonders You know what you need in life much better than anyone else so do whatever it is you have to do but just make sure that at the end of the day you take some time for yourself. It can be 10 minutes or a few hours, it doesn’t matter so long as you are doing something for you. Looking after and checking up on yourself. Even just fully relaxing with the TV on and your feet up, pushing every little thought about someone or something else out of your head for a while. Whatever it is will still be there when you return to it.

Numero 3 – Stay organised. Keep on top of your work/coursework. Whether this involves writing revision notes or taking practice tests or something. Last year I decided I’d left all my revision til the end, right near exams, and felt like I was rushing to finish them ASAP around exam time. Don’t get me wrong, I’d left myself with only just enough time but this year I decided that from day 1 I’d keep my revision notes up to date so I can just add to them each day/week so any coursework that needs finishing can be allocated a decent amount of time instead of rushing everything. Not to mention, it saves rushing to get caught up around exam time. This probably won’t work for everyone but so long as everything is organized properly you shouldn’t have any problems at all.

That’s just a few of the things I’ve learned in the past 3 weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for some more uni related posts coming your way soon. I’m excited to see what you guys think of them. Hope y’all are being the amazing humans that you are on this fine Sunday!



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