This Week’s TV 17/10/2014

Doctor Who – Mummy on the Orient Express – 6/10
Revenge – Ashes – 7/10
Law and Order SVU – Holden’s Manifesto – 7/10
South Park – Handicar – 4/10

After last week’s cliffhanger at The Stowaway, the fallout from the fire begins in Ashes while Victoria is starting to make a new life for herself. David meets Charlotte and Emily almost meets him too when she turns up after tracing Charlottes phone. One close encounter and one that could have easily completely changed this episode. David, still under the impression Emily is completely unknown to him, could have, potentially, killed this show without knowing it.

In Holden’s Manifesto, the team are called upon to deal with a string of stranger attempted rapes in public places. The entire story is based loosely on the Elliot Rodgers Isla Vista murders. When he escalates, Amaro and Rollins both end up in his firing line and with a new chief in charge, who really seems to be more about shutting cases as fast as possible compared to anything else, Olivia has even more on her plate to handle. With baby Noah in the hospital, it’s a surprise that she goes back to work and handles everything so well, despite being talked down to by that new chief, can’t wait til they get rid of him.

Have a fantastic weekend folks



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