TV in Review 24/10/2014

Apparently I’ve been completely forgetting to put in spoiler alerts because I figured Wednesday is the last day covered by these reviews at the moment and most people would have seen anything on the list by Friday. Nevermind, SPOILER ALERT!

Doctor Who – Flatline – 5/10
Revenge – Meteor – 7/10
American Dad! – Blonde Ambition – 6/10
Law and Order SVU- Pornstar’s Requiem – 7/10

Meteor was the big episode this week. Emily received a massive shock when David was forced to reveal that he was alive, meanwhile, the drama continued between the Grayson family members. Daniel entered into business with the evermore dodgy Louise (who I think has to have it in for Victoria after what happened in the mental hospital) and Charlotte seems to have hit the pills again. Of course there’s still the issue of Jack and Emily, will they or won’t they get together? At least David is taking a stand and not allowing Victoria to keep him under her thumb.

Pornstar’s Requiem saw the case of an 18 year old pornstar, Evie, who was raped by 2 college co-eds be completely turned on it’s head. After one of the boys confessed, the case was taken to trial where Evie, Barba and the rest of the team had a huge battle on their hands. Not only did the defence’s attorney, Buchanan, make himself sound like an ignorant jerk when it comes to feminism but due to some trumped up law, the judge was able to overturn the jury’s verdict effectively setting attitudes to rape back a good couple of decades. The episode was based on the Duke student, who went by the name Belle Knox, pornstar story which broke way back in March this year.

See y’all next week



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