This week in TV 31/10/2014


Doctor Who – In the Forest of the Night – 7/10
Revenge – Repercussions – 6/10
American Dad! – CIAPOW – 6/10
South Park – Magic Bush – 5/10

Repercussions saw the battle continuing between Emily and Victoria. As Victoria drives the wedge further between Emily and her father, it looks increasingly likely that they’ll never get to hear each other’s side of the story. With Victoria pushing for David to believe Amanda really is dead and that Emily is the enemy, Charlotte is still getting away with playing all innocent, inviting David to see Jack and Carl just to prove to Jack that she thinks she has him under her thumb. Meanwhile, Margeaux was also thrown into the mix this week when she teamed up with Emily to give David his beach house back and Margeaux managed to acquire the hot story she’d need to boost magazine sales at the same time.

Hope y’all are having a fantastic Friday



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