Mascara Review Time

Hola everyone! Apologies for not having any midweek posts last week. Not going to lie, uni has started to get cray cray lately (and I seriously needed to find something to blog about) Anyway here’s my views on the 2 mascaras I am currently using, one on a weekend for work and one on a not-so-regular occasion at uni.


First up, the Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Super Volume mascara. I am in. LOVE. with this mascara. This was one of the products I received in the Yule Monty gift box I got for my birthday this year. While I don’t find the wand anything extremely amazing or worth raving about, I mean come on it’s just a wand, the formula of this is fantastic. Pigmentation is great, very black but I wouldn’t say it’s too black, probably just enough so that you can really tell you’re wearing mascara without looking like you’ve gone overboard with it. I’m really not a fan of really thick or spidery lashes and this is just perfect for me. It lengthens without going overboard and all the lashes get covered without leaving any gaps or lots of clumping or lashes sticking together. At first glance when you remove the wand from the tube it looks as if the formula is really thick and is going to weigh down the lashes but actually this is a lot thinner than it looks. That’s not to say that it’s so thin you need 8 layers to get any effect though. I only ever use 1 layer and that seems to do the trick. It holds the curl pretty well and, best of all, it doesn’t flake off in the middle of the day or smudge either. An all around well worth it, at only £10 a pop and usually on offer at 3 for 2, drugstore mascara and I shall be repurchasing this when I run out, unless I find another one to replace it (unlikely!) 9.5/10.


E.l.f.’s eye enhancing mascara for blue eyes is one of those products that I just have a love/hate relationship with. Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to say hate but dislike certainly. The wand on this is segmented and very flexible. At first look, this is like a dark navy/grey coloured mascara with slight shimmer to it and the formula looks really quite thin, which I found it is. This one is more of a slightly spidery type mascara that adds just a little length to the lashes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to wear out if you’re just going out for the day or to work and don’t want heavy makeup. In terms of pigmentation, it’s not so light that you can’t tell if you’re wearing mascara or not but it’s also not too dark like a blackest black mascara would be. I’ll admit I did try this out once and then repurchased it because for some reason my first one had dried out within about 3 months and I didn’t feel I’d given it a long enough chance. At £3.95 a tube it is extremely affordable and if you like this kind of formula then I’d say go for it, they also do the same one but in different colours for green eyes and brown eyes. It’s just not right for me that’s all so I’ll have to give it just 5/10.

Alright, that’s all guys. Stay tuned for some new posts coming your way and have a fantastic Tuesday.



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