TV in Review 7/11/2014


Doctor Who – Dark Water – 6/10
Revenge – Damage – 6/10
American Dad! – Scents and Senseibility – 7/10
Law and Order SVU – Glasgowman’s Wrath – 7/10
South Park – Freemium Isn’t Free – 7/10

This week’s episode of Revenge, Damage, was focussed mainly around David’s live TV interview and Emily’s continued attempts to keep him at arms length. When Charlotte accidentally kills the guy she hooked up with last week, she calls Emily as a last resort because it seems this man was out for David’s blood. Victoria continues to attempt to keep David squarely under her thumb while Daniel still seems to be caught in between what could quite easily become a love-triangle. Charlotte and Victoria’s relationship again goes down the toilet when Emily tells Charlotte that Victoria was the one to kill Aidan before Charlotte leaves and checks herself into a rehab facility.

Glasgowman’s Wrath, a ripped-from-the-headlines episode of SVU based on the Slenderman stabbing case in June of this year. When 1 little girl, Zoe is stabbed several times while out at night in NYC with her older sister and a friend, the team have to work out whether Glasgowman, who’s really a homeless guy named Charlie, harmed the girl or was just acting as a good Samaritan. The next day, the older sister and friend are found, one of them tied up and both with stab wounds, around the back of one of Glasgowman’s hideouts. Once it’s revealed that the wounds are extremely fresh, it becomes a game of who to pin the tail on. After one girl, Perry, confesses and the other, Mia, claims to be terrified of her, the judge rules that Mia was another victim and Perry the only perpetrator but is that the way it really was?

That’s all folks!



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