TV in Review 14/11/14


Doctor Who – Death in Heaven – 7/10
Family Guy – Brian the Closer – 6/10
Revenge – Ambush – 7/10
American Dad! – Big Stan on Campus – 6/10
Law and Order SVU – Chicago Crossover Part 2 – 8/10
South Park – Grounded Vindaloop – 6/10
The Fall – 8/10

This week’s episode of Revenge, Ambush, finally saw David Clarke and Amanda reunited albeit in an ever-so-typical Revenge style, drama fuelled. After a long time, Nolan, Jack and Emily finally came to the realisation that David isn’t the man they once knew and know everyone’s on the same page. When Emily broke into her old beachhouse, she found a key to a safe deposit box at the bank. In it, she finds all the reason she needs to finally force herself to out herself to David. Margeaux and Louise spent more time together relaxing in the club’s spa until Louise tried to steam Margeaux alive by jimmying the door to keep it locked and turning up the heat. When Daniel tried to drop her from his client list, which as far as I’m aware has only one name on it and that is Louise’s, he realised it might be better to keep her so he can keep tabs on her. Meanwhile, Victoria was still on the path to drive a wedge between Emily and David until she was effectively thrown out of the beachhouse when Emily stormed in in the middle of a storm and kaboom, literally.

SVU was the 2nd episode of a 3 part crossover this week between SVU, Chicago PD and Chicago Fire. Starting with Chicago Fire on Tuesday and continuing on Wednesday with SVU followed by Chicago PD, this 3 episode arc saw all 3 teams band together (mainly SVU and PD) to solve the case of a child sex trafficking ring. The case originally points to New York at the end of the Chicago Fire episode only to be directed back to Chicago by the end of SVU. A complicated case if ever there was one but still well worth a watch if you have 2 hours to spare.

That’s all fellow bloggers! Have a fab Friday.



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