TV in Review 21/11/2014


Family Guy – Turkey Guys – 6/10
Revenge – Contact – 7/10
American Dad! – Now and Gwen – 7/10
Law and Order SVU – Spousal Privilege – /10
South Park – C*** Magic – 6/10
The Fall – 8/10

Contact saw Victoria, even in hospital, still attempting to get in between Emily and David while Louise continues her attempts to get closer to Victoria and we see her spiralling further out of control with her mental illness. Now that Emily and her dad are starting to reconnect, she’s more inclined to protect him, jumping on scene the second trouble shows, whether Victoria’s around or not.

Based on the Ray Rice headlines (and even mentioned in the episode), Spousal Privilege involved a case of domestic violence in which a retired football player and his girlfriend of 10 years are seen on CCTV footage having what some may describe as a spat resulting in her being punched in the face and knocked out. Apparently, this storyline was based almost more so than any other ripped-from-the-headlines episode that some believe it may as well have been named The Ray Rice Story. I can’t comment on that since I didn’t really follow the case that closely as it wasn’t publicised in the news very much in the UK. To be honest, I felt like the case was a pretty “textbook” case of domestic violence (Not that I’m saying all domestic violence cases are the same, just sometimes it’s more obvious than others and this was obvious)

Have a fantastic Friday folks!



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