TV in Review 5/12/2014

Alright guys, it’s December already. Say what?! I know I said I’d be posting more often but it’s been a bit of a crazy 2 weeks with it being the last week of semester starting on Monday and my granda dying last week and just all the insane rush of planning the funeral and getting my coursework finished in time. Anyways, I just wanted to let you guys know I haven’t forgotten about you I swear, I’ve just been uber busy and I will get back on track this week, honest. Cross my heart! So, without further ado, here’s the past week’s TV in review.


The Fall – 8/10
Revenge – Intel – 7/10
American Dad! – Dreaming of a white Porsche Christmas– 6/10
South Park – #Rehash – 7/10

Revenge this week saw David’s lie gained more elaborate momentum with the addition of his “I was in Canada for 10 years being held prisoner by Malcolm Black” section of his story being told for the first time. Honestly, the lies are getting so elaborate anyone could mistake them for the truth! The guys who attacked David in the hospital in the last episode basically got kicked off the show as suddenly as they appeared on it with one of them being arrested and “hanging himself” in the high security interrogation room before anyone got a chance to talk with him and the other one that Emily had held captive being released by Nolan and threatened to give Malcolm Black a message by David. Speaking of Nolan, he’s still hooking up with his girl Louise for some good ol’ gal pal chatting. At least he was until he told Margeaux to look into Louise’s dad’s death before he finally comes around and dumps Margeaux out of the picture, of course it’s not before Louise turns on the water works. Jack hooked up with the hot FBI agent and Em hooked up with his partner, Ben, but only so she can try and gather intel on the police chief. In the last 10 minutes it’s revealed that Victoria managed to skim $5million off of Conrad years ago and hide it in a safe that David then hid after she chose a code for it, without telling him, that he’d easily be able to guess. David calls in on Nolan, tells him about Malcolm Black and gives him the information to find and access the safe and to release what’s on the flash drive to the press if something happens. Not to mention Daniel turning up to Margeaux’s office in the middle of the night to proclaim his love for her and then to find out she’s pregnant. Nice twist Revenge!

That’s all folks! Keep your eyes peeled this week, I may even be extra nice to you and give you a post tomorrow and Sunday too! Have a fantastic Friday



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