TV in Review 12/12/2014


Family Guy – The 2000 Year Old Virgin – 6/10
Revenge – Atonement – 5/10
The Fall – 7/10
Pretty Little Liars – How the “A” Stole Christmas – 6/10
South Park – Happy Holograms – 5/10
Law and Order SVU – Pattern Seventeen – 8/10

Atonement was a pretty average episode I have to say. Not only are the twists becoming ever more predictable. The writers need to start picking up the pace I think and rehashing the whole “Amanda falls from the balcony but isn’t injured” act was a little too much. Nolan and Louise are back to being BFFs while Victoria finally admits to David that she betrayed him too. This of course is after David has bought, and spiked her drink with, some drug from an old prison buddy that, he’s been told, promises to kill a person and leave virtually no trace that they were drugged. Jack’s current beau, the hot FBI agent Kate, pieces together that Victoria was the one who sent her the photo and finally works out who Emily is. So ensues a pretty well pitted fight between Kate and Ems before they rehash the previously mentioned fall from the balcony. Then, right at the end they decided to kill off one of the characters too. Not giving anything away but I was neither saddened nor elated that this character was killed off and, anyway, they’re never really killed off with Revenge. Hence, my confusion at Henry Czerny’s name being on the opening credits this week until I saw he was in a flashback scene where he and Daniel were arguing about whether or not Danny boy should testify for a girl who was assaulted at his party 6 years previously.

How the A Stole Christmas, the first ever PLL Christmas episode, was a fairly good episode. With all 4 of the girls and their partners, stuck in Spencer’s house because of a blizzard, spending Christmas together and Alison appearing to be feeling very guilty about what happened to Mona, it was a good ride. Alison’s Ice Ball was a gorgeous setting for Ali’s plan to grow. Of course, the second Ali got there, Hanna and Spencer left to look around Alison’s house and in all her hiding places, as meticulously mapped out by Mona and handed to the girls by Mona’s lawyer 30 days after her death. With Toby watching over their shoulders at Spencer’s house with a long range camera lens, the search for something linking Bethany to Alison was expected to go off without a hitch. But, naturally, A is the b**** that never sleeps. More clues pointing toward the twin theory being right were given out in this episode with the flashback to Ali’s youth when, in the middle of playing piano, she stumbled across 2 identical dresses all wrapped up for Christmas. Now, either this means that one was for Bethany or that one was for her twin. Or maybe Bethany is her twin. It wouldn’t surprise me and now that the girls found their evidence to link Bethany to Ali’s house on Labour day, there’s a small glimmer of a possibility that Spencer may not be found guilty for murder.

Oh my, what an adrenaline fuelled episode Pattern Seventeen was! I was on the edge of my seat right from the start of the episode. When 3 cold cases in Atlanta match the MO of 2 new cases in NYC, Amanda and Fin go down there to get the kits out of storage and to test them. With the new police Chief breathing down Olivia’s neck, not to mention family services wanting a hearing regarding that 1 time that Liv had to rush off to work in the episode Holden’s Manifesto while Noah had been hospitalized, it’s a wonder how she managed to keep the investigation in check. This was very much an episode about the importance of testing rape kits as soon as they land on any police department’s desk. Definitely worth the watch.

That’s all folks, have a great Friday!



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