Christmas Time

I know, I know, it’s been more than a week since my last post. Oops. What has everyone been up to? Christmas stuff? Yep, I think everyone has been doing Christmas stuff.

Everything from the Christmas gift shopping madness to the food shopping hell. It’s that time of year where everyone has gone crazy in the shops and everyone annoys everyone else as they get in the way in the hopes of beating out the other customers thinking what they’re wanting will be the last one on the shelf when they get there. The cold nipping at your face whenever you leave the safe, warm house or car. Yep, there’s so much to hate about Christmas.

Let’s forget about that though, there’s also soo much to love about Christmas. All the gorgeous trees dressed up in their tinsel, bauble and lights twinkling like urban stars through the windows of all those warm houses into the dark, cold night and making every house look as inviting as the next. The amazing spread of food, whether quality or quantity impresses you more we can all agree that the food is amazing. Tearing into the wrapping paper on Christmas day never gets old either, sure it might take less time to do every year but the excitement of revealing what’s been wrapped up for you never disappears, or at least if it does it hasn’t happened to me yet. Christmas traditions can also be really fun too. For me, I have lunch with my mum on Christmas Eve and my dad finishes work early so we all spend half the day together instead of just that night and we order takeaway for dinner because who wants to be stood cleaning dishes at 7pm on Christmas Eve.

Yes, I love Christmas so how come it still doesn’t feel like Christmas? I still wake up every morning expecting to look at my calendar and see that it says October. Is it really December? Maybe it’s the lack of snow or the fact that I don’t have my room decorated, in fact the only room that’s decorated is the living room, or maybe it’s because I’m still doing uni revision because I’m in one of the few universities that still make us do our exams in January. I don’t know what it is but what I do know is it is December, it is Christmas Eve and I am going to go for lunch with mum, order takeaway for dinner and watch the Muppet Christmas Carol and see if it finally starts to feel like Christmas at any point before tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and is safe, happy and peaceful this Christmas.


P.S. don’t forget about those less fortunate than ourselves at this time of year. Do something, even if it’s just toasting your fortune and silently sending a thought/prayer that someone helps the less fortunate so they aren’t left in the same situation next year or you might even be the one to help someone who’s worse off than you this year and they could be in a completely different situation next year.


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