TV in Review 16/01/15

SPOILERS ahead guys!

Family Guy – Our Idiot Brian – 8/10 – Funny, quirky and actually surprisingly medically correct on some level, for an animated show.
Revenge – Madness – 6/10 – Another good episode with yet another ever more predictable plot twist in the last 2 seconds. That’s my only qualm with this season, the twists are becoming more and more predictable with each episode and it’s finally starting to just get annoying. Saying that, I did still quite enjoy the episode with the flashbacks to David’s life when he was held captive by Malcolm Black.
Pretty Little Liars – Fresh Meat – 7/10 – Slightly frustrating is how I’d describe this episode. While everyone else is running about doing what they should be, talking about college and trying to get into college, Toby and the police were investigating Mona’s backyard where Toby found evidence. If that wasn’t enough, he then proceeded to not hand it in to the Rosewood PD because it was his family’s and then decided to keep that information between him, Spencer and Caleb. Of whom, Caleb then decided to get rid of the evidence and enlisted Spence to help him destroy it. I’m pretty sure that’s kind of completely illegal and I want to know why nobody else found the evidence when I’m sure they would have gone over the same area more than once.
Law and Order SVU – Agent Provocateur – 6/10 – Interesting would be the word I’d choose to describe Agent Provocateur. Not only did it focus on a victim who would never accuse anyone of attacking her but it also saw the team try and work out a case without there being a case. I mean, of course there was the case of the fact that the girl was 15 and had been dumped in a suitcase in an alley but still, it was complicated. Then there’s the whole thing at the end where you wonder if this actor guy has just done this as a publicity stunt or if he actually is a predator.
Archer – Three to Tango – 4/10 – An average episode in which they apparently brought back a character whom I can’t for the life of me remember, a flashback to when the character last appeared may have been handy but I just wasn’t particularly engaged by this episode.

Hope everyone’s having a fabulous Friday!




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