TV From the Past Week 23/01/2015


Revenge – Abduction – 6/10 –  After Malcolm kidnapped Emily and Victoria at the end of last week’s episode, this week’s episode saw that stunt take a turn for the worse, or for the best, depending on what your perspective of the situation is. Jack roping Ben into it probably was and wasn’t the best idea he’d ever had and, honestly, I think nobody was expecting Victoria to take the stance that she did, taking the blame for the death of Malcolm’s daughter, Kate, and actually working with Emily instead of against her. Of course, this wouldn’t be a true episode of Revenge if there wasn’t some scheming behind people’s backs going on and Margeaux and Nolan both managed to cover this side brilliantly. Margeaux taking the route of revenge against Emily despite having 0 evidence against her and Nolan helping Louise get one over on her own mother.
Pretty Little Liars – Over a Barrel – 6/10 -Well, I can’t say much exciting really happened this week. Spencer and Caleb were still messing about behind Toby’s back when the girls got an alert from Mona’s laptop and Hanna tried to confront her mom about Jason being at her house the other night but other than that not much really went on. Aria’s still being threatened by A over the letter she wrote to the college where Jackie was recently appointed to the admissions board and Emily was still missing Paige like crazy. Other than that, genuinely not much else happened at all.
Law and Order SVU – Padre Sandunguero – 6/10 – While I must admit it’s nice to see the SVU writers coming up with more stories that delve into the team’s background, I’m starting to feel like they are only giving Mariska relatively poor episodes to direct. Last season there was Criminal Stories, which I have to admit was a pretty good episode but it wasn’t one of the best episodes of last season, and then this season she got this episode. It was a pretty basic storyline and, I don’t know about anyone else, I could see what the verdict would be the second Nick’s dad coming into town turned into an investigation. The case was never formally handed over to SVU, from what I saw anyway, and the only reason Barba tried it was because Nick could testify to a pattern. I don’t even think Nick’s dad’s fiancée, Gabriella, ever made a formal complaint so I’m wondering how this ever made it to trial in the first place. I thought it was a rather shoddily written episode but you’ve got to hand it to Mariska, she did the best she could with what she was given. Hopefully, the writing will pick up soon and when Mariska directs another episode it will be a much better one than those she’s already been given.
Archer – The Archer Sanction – 5/10 – A pretty average episode to be honest, nothing much to rave about with it.

Have a great Friday folks!



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