Kelly Brook Nail Varnish Review


Being the kind of girl who paints her nails every week, I do enjoy trying out new nail varnishes and it’s always good when you get to try something without having to pay for it. Having received these Kelly Brook nail polishes for Christmas, I was in 2 minds about trying them, and still am in 2 minds about keeping them.

None of these have any names in terms of colour that I could see, which I found unusual. As you can probably see though, the one on the left is a nice lavender shade, the middle one looks black but is actually a very, very dark navy blue and the one on the right is an odd neutral type colour which almost can look grey with a lot of very fine glitter in it.

Firstly, the packaging is rather nice and very similar to the Top Shop makeup packaging and these are pretty good colours. One thing that I found which rather annoyed me about them though was how sheer they are. I had to put on 3 coats of the lavender one to get it to look like I’d actually painted my nails and the other 2 required 2 coats themselves. I’m not a fan of using more than one coat just because they take so much longer to dry the more coats that you use and because I barely have any time in which I can paint my nails now that I’m back at uni.

To be perfectly honest, these are possibly the worst nail varnishes I’ve ever owned in terms of how quickly they chip. Granted, you can’t really tell with the lavender and the glittery ones but I spent the day just lazing about the house after I’d painted my nails with the navy blue and it was chipped like crazy when I went to bed that night. I hadn’t even been doing anything that would have caused them to chip that much.

At only £2.99 a bottle in New Look they are extremely affordably and have a pretty good colour range however, I would still advise that you keep in mind that some items which are cheap are cheap for a reason.

Definitely not something for me, they may be good for someone a lot younger who is just starting to get in to nails and what not but I’m definitely not impressed and doubt I’ll be buying any more from this range. 2/5.

Hope y’all are having a fab Wednesday!



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