The Past Week’s TV in Review 30/01/2015

SPOILERS are possible.

Family Guy – This Little Piggy – 6/10 – I found this episode to be rather lacking in something, though I could not put my finger on exactly what that was. Having said that though, there were a few times when it was difficult to stop laughing.
Revenge – Kindred – 7/10 – Since the twisted mother of Louise came back into town last week, and subsequently lost her right to control Louise’s inheritance from her father after Nolan married Louise, she just could not leave them be this week either. Doing everything she could to get control of Louise’s money back, including forging a police report which claimed that Louise had killed her dad and threatening to reveal that to the world during their wedding reception, resulted in a very brief trip back to Clairmont psychiatric for Louise. After Emily tried to bring back Louise’s memory from the night her father died, Louise didn’t see the entire memory until she came face to face with the real police report which Nolan dug up from the attending officer that night. Hopefully, we’ll never see her mother in town again or her money driven brother. Meanwhile, Jack and Ben’s medal ceremony ended in Jack leaving the force and winding up behind the bar, yet again, at Nolan’s wedding reception. Margeaux is still hell bent on revenge for Emily and Victoria seems to be attempting to rally around her old minions from her more profound days of living in Grayson manor and having all her money.
Pretty Little Liars – The Bin of Sin – 7/10 – Since we found out last week that the storage bin 1017 had been rented in Hanna’s name, the day before Mona died, it seems like Hanna’s destined for jail if A has anything to do with it which we know they do. Aria finally told Ezra about the letter she wrote to Jackie and, despite laughing it off at first, after some thought he realised that she couldn’t have written it if there wasn’t at least some truth to it. Toby was back looking at Ali’s polygraph results when Lieutenant Tanner interrupts him and tells him to quit investigating Holden if he wants to keep his job. Hanna drags Caleb into going to the storage locker to remove all the stuff that they found last week but, by the time they get there, A’s already beaten them to it. As they’re leaving, Toby and Tanner are coming in to investigate the exact same storage bin. The only thing left there is the waste bin that Spencer deduced last week could still hold Mona’s body. Speaking of A, did anyone see the interview Keegan Allen, who plays Toby, did this week? He said that he knows who A is and that it is shocking and surprising but, here’s the key thing, we met them in season 1 episode 1! I went back and watched the episode over, there’s only 19 characters we’re introduced to in that episode and 4 of these people are now deceased. Of the 15 left, there’s only 8 people who I could not find extensive A fan theories for online. I think I know who it is, I won’t say though. Let me know what you think in the comments.
Archer – Edie’s Wedding – 7/10 – Another pretty average episode in which you needed to have seen the entire series from the start to understand some parts. I find that this is the only issue with them rehashing old characters. Saying that though, it was a well scripted episode with some good laughs.

Hope everyone’s having a great Friday!




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