TV Review Time 06/02/2015

SPOILERS may be awaiting for y’all.

Pretty Little Liars – Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me – 6/10 – A pretty good episode with not too much drama and just enough PLL action. With Spencer’s mom back in town and on her back about college acceptance letters, she’s more tempted to spend time with the guy staying in the barn as he builds a fantastic contraption for Ezra’s new Brew. The girls all get a surprise when an old friend of Mona’s comes into town to stay with Mona’s mom during the trial and they all decide to keep an eye on her. When Mike sees Hanna with her and a book from Mona’s room he gets very upset and Spencer finds out he’s visited Alison in jail at least once before. Emily may be close to getting back on the couple train again and Aria followed Mike out to the middle of nowhere and confronted him to ask why he’d been visiting Alison.
Law and Order SVU – Decaying Morality – 7/10 – A very good episode with a no-nonsense classical storyline. Amanda’s first episode back since her ordeal facing her old boss and an eventful one at that. When a father finds out his daughter was attacked, he’s goaded into believing the one suspect who tried to help her when she was completely out of it was the one who attacked her and acts in revenge. Now with her father in jail, evidence comes to light proving the suspect was telling the truth. As Amanda and Nick re-interview her, it becomes apparent that the truth is a lot closer to home and much harder to swallow than many people thought possible.
Archer – Vision Quest – 4/10 – Below average episode which makes me think the series is going a little downhill after 6 series.

Hope everyone’s having a fantabadosey Friday!



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