TV in Review 13/02/2015


Family Guy – Quagmire’s Mom – 6/10 – A good episode with a decent if not slightly lacking explanation of Quagmire’s past. To blame his mother on the way he turned out maybe isn’t the most accurate reason for how anyone is the person they are years later but it certainly worked out for him. Or rather his mom came around for him, eventually.
Pretty Little Liars – Out, Damned Spot – 7/10 – With college applications still at the forefront of seemingly everyone except Emily’s mind, the girls are becoming more focused on getting in to college and out of Rosewood. Aria was caught cheating by reading the answers that Andrew (Spencer’s arch nemesis in class) had, during a math test and had to take him on as her tutor to avoid getting ratted out. Spencer’s mom’s still pushing her to get in contact with as many people as possible with good connections to help her get in to college. Hanna found out the only reason that she isn’t getting any financial aid is because of her dad who, let’s be honest, is a complete jerk. I mean, who would actually put their step-daughter’s needs ahead of their own flesh and blood’s? While none of the girls know that Aria and Ezra have broken up, Ezra is still playing a relatively integral part in the storylines of late, though he has  only been making brief appearances. Mike’s still acting strange and when the girls follow him to a diner called Jonah’s in the middle of nowhere, they become ever more convinced that Mike could be A. Not to mention the fact that at the start of the episode, he was seen standing near the fridges in a makeshift blood bank set up in the school and the girl’s blood just happened to end up in an A message. A better episode than last week’s and I hope to see more of the same.
Law and Order SVU – Intimidation Game – 7/10 – I found this episode to be a very good example of how the internet can be making law enforcement’s job’s ever more difficult. As technology moves on and funding is cut every year, most law enforcement agencies haven’t got the time or money to purchase the resources to help them in the fight against online trolls. Honestly, why women in gaming would be such an issue I don’t know. Come on, how many gamer guys out there want a gamer girlfriend? I think I just heard multiple utterings in favour of that. Anyway, the week a woman was launching a new videogame at a convention, one of her workers was sexually assaulted in the bathroom before the creator herself was kidnapped by a group of game crazy guys who couldn’t tell the difference between the game and reality. Also, Olivia’s therapist made a guest appearance this week too, though I’m not 100% certain on the need to have him cast in this episode but, hey, I’m not the one making the decisions. A very good episode all around.
Archer – Sitting – 7/10 – Finally, after last week’s complete and utter flop, Archer seems to have gone back to having better written episodes with slightly more of a story. A lot more interesting with the story involving Archer being left alone with AJ and it all being set up by Lana because, of course, she literally (wait, literally? yeah, literally) doesn’t trust him to be able to look after AJ.

Thanks for staying tuned guys, hope everyone’s having a great Friday the 13th!



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