This Week In TV 20/02/2015

SPOILER ALERT! THERE ARE SPOILERS AFOOT! Sorry, it’s a day late folks, uni has been insane this week, Enjoy!

Family Guy – Encyclopedia Griffin – 6/10 – This one was actually really quite funny. After Stewie had his tricycle stolen, apparently by a young kid on the street, Peter and his friends decided to start a detective agency to solve a small bout of thefts. When they witness Chris breaking in to one of the kid’s bedrooms on the kids’ nanny cam, they eventually discover Chris has been using the parts he’s stolen to create his own creepy “girlfriend” which basically looks like a fake sex doll. Lois’ attempts to get rid of it are pretty funny in themselves too.
Pretty Little Liars – Pretty Isn’t The Point – 7/10 – After Mike’s dodgy actions last week, the Liars turned his bedroom upside down looking for anything to link him to A. Eventually, when confronted by Aria, he admits that he knows about A, completely ruling him out of the 7 I had on a list of A suspects, and that Mona’s plan was originally to fake her death so she could get closer to A and find out who it is. Hanna’s decision to enter a beauty pageant to help pay for her college tuition was a complete flop even with Emily’s help but, as usual, Emily can never pass up an opportunity to help a friend in need. Toby finally reappeared in a way that can only be described as awkward and potentially dangerous for Spencer, in terms of the fact that she is still hot on Tanner’s radar.
Law and Order SVU – Undercover Mother – 8/10 – A truly unique episode of SVU this week. During a raid on a brothel, the “madam” in charge of it, Martha, claims she’s only in undercover so she can find her daughter. After taking the time to prove to the team that she was telling the truth, Olivia agrees to help her. Although, Barba has a totally different take on the matter at first. During another raid, on Superbowl Sunday, the team discover their old pal from last season, Lieutenant Murphy, is also undercover for Vice on the same case. When they finally find Martha’s daughter, held hostage in the basement of an abandoned hospital along with 3 other girls, the pimp holding them there, Johnny D, is arrested and remanded. Not only that, it appears he’s also baby Noah’s father.
Archer – Nellis – 6/10 – Glad to see Archer kind of seems to be back to the way it originally was and hopefully, it will stay that way. With Archer getting himself into trouble and needing rescued only to land the gang in even more trouble, it definitely seems like good ol’ original Archer is back.

Hope everyone’s having a fantastic Saturday!



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