Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Review


This was one of the games I purchased around the Boxing Day sales and, while I haven’t finished it yet, I’ve played long enough to be able to write a review about it. Apparently this isn’t one of the Kingdom Hearts games that advances the original story so it’s pretty difficult to work out what the whole purpose of the game really is, especially when you’ve never played Kingdom Hearts before. If anyone were to ask me to describe what it is here’s what I’d say. It’s a 3rd person action/adventure type game in which some kingdom is being built out of hearts but you play the character, who’s usually accompanied by someone else from the organisation, who has to go around collecting the hearts from these “enemy” things. Apparently everyone in the organisation who’s collecting hearts is Heartless and the basics of it seems to be that, once the kingdom has been completely built, everyone who is Heartless will then get a heart. It’s definitely a difficult one to wrap your head around but it’s still really fun to play too. The graphics are pretty good and the storyline, while it seems a little all over the place to a noob, is actually a good, fun story. For me, this is more of a casual game, it’s not one I’d have to sit there and focus on playing for a good couple of hours without doing anything else but rather one that I’d just pick up if I was bored and didn’t fancy playing anything else. In general, the game is simple enough to understand after about an hour or so and is extremely easy to play. All in all, I’d say 4/5, though I do know that some of those who’ve played Kingdom Hearts before don’t like this game.

Hope everyone’s having a great Thursday!



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