This Week in TV 6/03/2015

SPOILERS may be afoot!

American Dad! – Morning Mimosa – 6/10 – The idea of Steve, a complete momma’s boy, wanting to become completely independent from his mom was laughable to begin with but when he actually did it, I couldn’t believe it. Of course, his mom still had to rescue him at the end of the day but at least he managed to do it.
Pretty Little Liars – To Plea or Not to Plea – 7/10 – Another good episode. After last week’s episode, Veronica Hastings went over Alison’s casefile and still decided it wouldn’t be a good idea for Alison to take the stand. Alison then got offered a plea bargain so that she would only get 15 years if she pleaded guilty and gave up her accomplice, who the police think was Hanna, and takes it at first but when she sees Hanna being taken to a cell wearing an orange jumpsuit, she changes her mind. Spencer seems to be having a good time in London until Melissa lets it slip that there actually isn’t a second university interview lined up for her. Aria and Ezra finally had the talk and decided it would be best to end things. After Ezra spoke to Mona’s lawyer, the one who was told to wait 30 days after her death to give the liars something, and then followed the lawyer with Aria and Emily to a house that may or may not be Varjak’s.
Archer – Pocket Listing – 5/10 – This one had a couple of good laughs in it, mainly near the end, but was pretty average to be honest. Nothing to rave about or write home about. Basically, the team were enlisted to do some covert handprint and retina scans on a prince by the CIA without any explanation whatsoever.

Hope everyone’s having a fab Friday!



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