Body Shop Body Mist Review

Sorry folks, my schedule’s been a bit hectic again this week so I haven’t gotten around to watching pretty much any TV so stay tuned next week and I’ll give you my ratings of this week’s episodes too. Sorry about that but here’s a post for all you beauty lovers out there.


This is the strawberry scented Body Shop Body Mist. I’d been in the market for a quick body spray as opposed to a perfume for a while when I bought this. I admit I spent about a half hour in Body Shop trying to decide between this one and the Satsuma and Mango ones. For me though, this one has a much more crisp and clean scent to it while also being sweet like strawberries but not too sweet. It’s also not an overwhelming scent either. I can probably put about 6 or 7 spritzes of this on, walk out the door and nobody will be left recoiling because of the all-consuming stench caused by people dousing themselves in perfume/aftershave. It’s rather lightly scented so I find you can get away with wearing what seems like a lot or, if you prefer, you could carry it around and just top it up every few hours. It also seems to last FOREVER! I bought this about a month ago, I use it 5 days a week at uni and it isn’t even down past the top of the label yet. For only £7.50 for a 100ml bottle it seems slightly expensive for a simple body mist but, honestly, when you realise how long it’s going to take you to finish a bottle, it’s most definitely worth it. Although I would say, for the amount of time it’s going to take for me to use this one up, I think it would be better if they made the bottle slightly smaller (while also reducing the price unlike everybody else who makes their products smaller and keeps the price the same!) but never mind, it’s the Body Shop and I still love them. 4/5.

Hope everyone’s having a fab Friday!



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