The Past 2 Weeks in TV 20/03/2015


Revenge – Bait – 8/10
Family Guy – Stewie is Enciante – 5/10
American Dad! – My Affair Lady – 6/10
Pretty Little Liars – The Melody Lingers On – 7/10
Archer – Reignition Sequence – 6/10
Revenge – Retaliation – 7/10 – After Jack revealed his love for Emily last week, things aren’t the same between them. Ben has to go and find his ex-wife, believing she’s in trouble after Margeaux’s threat last week and Emily ends up forcing him into letting her go with him. Margeaux’s plans to release the footage of Jack talking to Emily about the bad FBI agent, Kate, whom he killed defending Emily was thwarted when Emily and Nolan came up with yet another plan to trick her and, when Louise, who’s now been recruited to help by Nolan, walked in to the set up, Margeaux knew something was wrong.
Family Guy – Dr C and the Women – 7/10 – Cleveland, lacking a job, becomes a therapist and, by being good at what he does, causes havoc for the rest of the men when it turns out their wives all have problems with the way their husbands do things.
American Dad! – A Star is Reborn – 6/10 – When Stan hacks into the telephone line of someone connected to a radio show who has just won tickets to Hollywood, him and Francine go together leaving the kids stuck at home in cages and forced to watch Bones with Roger. While in Holywood, an old woman who’s late husband was a black and white movie star sensation succeeds in getting Stan to believe he is the reincarnated spirit of her husband. This results in Stan having to finish shooting a movie which her husband never finished and then, realising she was insane, Francine had to fake being the reincarnated spirit of this woman’s late husband’s mistress to get out of being killed by the crazy woman.
Pretty Little Liars – I’m a Good Girl, I Am – 7/10 – The start of Ali’s court case was a difficult one at that. With Hanna now on the inside with Ali, she’s trying to find time to ask Ali all the questions the girls wanted to ask but never got a chance to before she was locked up. Aria convinces Ezra to take Mike up to his cabin for a while but when they get there, Caleb insists on Mike going back to do the right thing. Mike runs off and someone, who we assume is A, attacks Mike and ties him up to the tetherball pole. After what seems like not a particularly long trial, the jury find Alison guilty despite the massive lack of ability for Ali to have pushed Mona up against a wall and then the rest of the girls get arrested (Why? You have your verdict Tanner, who are you really working for?)
Archer – Achub y Morfilod – 5/10 – A continuation of last week’s episode and, therefore, a continuation of the fight between Lana and Archer led them to Wales. While in Wales, they seem to be on a job to find some Welsh “terrorists”/”freedom fighters” for the CIA and the people they’re looking for are already being searched for by MI5 when Archer arrives.

Hope everyone’s having a great Friday!



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