The Past Week in TV 27/03/2015

Apologies for the lack of posting, I’ve been very ill this week.


Revenge – Loss – 6/10 – You would think that after 3 and a half seasons these people would have learnt that lying gets you nowhere useful in the end. Emily’s team seems to be getting larger as more people find out about her and want to help her. After Jack’s arrest last week, this episode was mainly focused on his trial, in which his mother represented him. When the lab “loses” his blood sample, the only thing which can prove he wasn’t drinking, Emily fights off Margeaux’s handy man to get the sample back. At the same time, she realises why Jack failed his breathalyser test, his orange juice had been laced with a compound found in modelling glues. When the judge acts unfairly by refusing to have the “found” blood sample tested, Emily makes it her job to see that she gets the message, asking Nolan to “send over” a bottle of wine, which the judge refuses, but that’s just a ploy. Ben pulls the judge over at the side of the road and she too fails a breathalyser test, at which point Emily calls the judge and explains to her why she and Jack failed their breathalysers and forces her to test Jack’s blood.
American Dad! – Manhattan Magical Murder Mystery Tour – 7/10 – As a bored housewife, Francine decides to write a murder mystery novel and then receives a nomination for an award. The family travel to New York for the awards show and, despite being the winner of the award, Francine mysteriously goes missing and never really wins because she missed the show. Turns out Roger had “kidnapped” her and stuffed her into her hotel room wardrobe but when Roger and Steve go back to retrieve her, she’s missing. As they start the search for her, they realise James Patterson is wearing women’s shoes and, when they apprehend him, Francine falls out of his suitcase. He claims he was taking her because he wants to write something that will appeal to the teen/tween market but doesn’t know how to.
Pretty Little Liars – Welcome to the Dollhouse – 6/10 – An ok finale. After all the hype and build up over the past few weeks though I feel like the episode under-delivered. I already knew they wouldn’t actually show us A but I found myself really frustrated with the show. It’s official though, absolutely nobody who watches this show can say with 100% certainty that any character who’s died is actually dead. So, Mona’s alive and pretending to be Ali for A, who we’ve been told is named Charles, and she is locked in the same dollhouse with the other 4 girls. When the van transporting the girls goes missing, Veronica and Peter Hastings find out from Toby and immediately expect Ali to know where they are. It’s at this point that they find out A has been on the loose again even after Mona was locked up in Radley. When Caleb is questioned by police and manages to convince them to let him find where the transport van is, Veronica manages to also convince Tanner that her entire angle on the investigation could be wrong and that the girls probably hadn’t orchestrated this. At the end of the episode, Toby and Tanner find A’s surveillance lair at Campbell’s apple picking farm, a place familiar to the Hastings.
Law and Order SVU – Parole Violations – 8/10 – A very good episode centred around the rape of a man by a woman. When Carisi’s sister’s fiancé, Tommy, doesn’t come home one night, Carisi finds him locked up for bar fighting but that isn’t the whole story. After visiting his PO, he’d gone out drinking and ended up in a bar fight. Had he not been forced into sex with his PO though, perhaps that wouldn’t have happened. During a surprise home inspection, Tommy’s PO, Donna, “finds” bags of oxycodone in his bedroom but her case in court very easily shatters into a million pieces.
Archer – Drastic Voyage: Part 1 – 6/10 – Following it’s recent tradition of finishing a series with one episode split into 3 parts, the CIA sent Archer and the team into the body of a doctor in a coma to remove a blood clot from his head.

Hope everyone’s enjoying their Friday!



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