This Week in TV 03/04/2015


Revenge – Clarity – 7/10 – Finally, the episode we’ve all been waiting for! Emily, still feeling bad about Margeaux losing the baby and not being able to reach out to her, she finally decides now is the right time to reveal what “really” happened the day that Daniel was shot. Although she doesn’t actually reveal everything that went down, covering it up with a lie about Malcolm Black being the shooter, she also outs herself as Amanda. She spent a lot of time trying to get Jack to help her with this one and, despite his mother’s protest, he finally agreed to help her. Elsewhere, Victoria is now apparently living with Margeaux in an unknown location which may be Margeaux’s house and Nolan and Louise have decided to file divorce papers but not before Louise asks to have a baby and Nolan sneaks off behind her back to see another man.
American Dad! – The Shrink – 6/10 – Stan falls victim to chaos theory after he gave a cab he was planning to take to a young couple who then tragically died in the cab right in front of him. When he becomes obsessed with miniatures, Stan builds an entire town out of miniatures and shrinks himself down to live in it only to trick the rest of the family except Roger into being shrunk down too. Roger must save the day when the miniature town becomes overrun with ants.
Law and Order SVU – Devastating Story – 7/10 -Based on the story a couple of months ago about the frat house that was disbanded, this was actually a very good story. When the survivor, Heather, appears under the name Jane for a TV exposé interview, she becomes the face of an international movement against rape culture. Her story is constantly changing though and by the time she gets around to actually telling the truth, Barba has no choice but to drop the case. Even though Heather had actually been raped, the way in which she went around doing TV interviews and rallies, constantly changing her story, meant that, according to Olivia, she’d set the rape culture back 30 years.
Archer – Drastic Voyage Part 2 – 6/10 – Continuing on from last week’s episode, this finale episode saw the team manage to remove the blood clot from the doctor’s head but unfortunately kill him when returning to normal size as they only just make it to the doctor’s tear duct ever so slightly late. Now, with no jobs and no money, the team have to work out how to get back into the business.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!



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