Body Shop Christmas Body Polish Review


These are the Body Shop body polishes that were released for Christmas time. Firstly, I love how these smell. I wasn’t too keen on the vanilla one that was also released but these are the frosted cranberry and glazed apple ones. I am so torn about finishing these so much so that when I saw the cranberry one on sale a couple of months ago I had to repurchase it. Best. Plan. Ever. I really don’t want to finish these even though they’ve brought out the cranberry one for the past couple  of years. I really like how these scrubs aren’t too harsh even though they have large bits in them. For some reason, the scrubs that the Body Shop make are the ones I prefer to use. They just agree with my skin and leave it feeling so soft it’s like I’ve grown a new skin under all that yucky dead skin that was scrubbed away. Anyway, at only £7-10 for a 200ml bottle, some may say it’s slightly expensive and not worth it but, if you’re serious about your skincare, I’d say you’re definitely worth buying these body polishes. These are the exact same as the normal body polishes that are sold year-round just the Christmas limited edition versions. Ideally, I wish there was more in a bottle because I finished my original bottle of frosted cranberry about 5 weeks after starting to use it but I’d still really recommend purchasing this if you’re looking for a fantastic scrub at a reasonable price. 8.5/10.

Hope y’all are having a great Wednesday!



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